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Torrey Pines Logic night vision and communication devices are now available through Ever since it's early beginning Torrey Pines Logic has been an innovated leader in visible, NV and IR sensors. Specializing in electro-optical lasers and image analysis processing, Torrey Pines Logic is one of the tactical industry's leading optical and wireless communication manufacturers. Each one of Torrey Pines Logic's communication devices has been developed and tested by their team of highly skilled technical researches to make sure they operate within very specific specifications. Please check out our expansive list of Torrey Pine Logic products below.

Learn More About Torrey Pines Logic

Torrey Pines Logic specializes in optical voice and data communications. Whether you're using one of their handheld light speed devices or one of their powerful light speed NAVY operational units, you'll know Torrey Pines means serious business! Torrey Pines Logic also sells an entire line of Afocal Adapters for infrared cameras. These infrared night vision adapters can easily connect to a L-345xx, X200, or X100 camera with ease. These IR adapters require no electrical or mechanical modification to get them to work and they are shockproof for extreme tactical conditions.

Along with night vision accessories, Torrey Pines Logic specialize in highly sophisticated state-of-the-art communication devices that allow for non-visible communication transmission between unit distances of at least 3 kilometers. These tactical communication devices come equipped with supplied headsets and allow for full voice and data communication. Torrey Pines Logic communication devices also serve as an ethernet link connection for computer devices.

Torrey Pines Logic also manufacturers their own line of binoculars with voice communication. These award-winning binoculars use an eye-safe LED light to transmit a non-visible voice transmission up to 2.5 kilometers. These Torrey Pines Logic binoculars can even function as a network link to a remote computer system by way of a USB connection.

If you have any questions related to our Torrey Pines Logic products please contact one of our product specialists. They are trained specialists who can answer any optical communication questions you may have. Also remember that most Torrey Pines Logic orders over $49 come with Free Shipping.