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Trijicon Tritium & Fiber Optic Night Sights represent the latest advancements in low light shooting for handguns, rifles and shotguns! Trijicon Night Sights provide a high quality, long lasting illuminated reticle that isn't constrained by batteries. The tritium powered sights from Trijicon will last for up 5 years on orange sights, and up to 12 years on green and yellow sights. Not having to worry about dead batteries has made numerous law enforcement and military agencies turn to Trijicon for their equipment. Night sights with fiber optics use ambient light to provide the perfect amount of light that's never too bright or too dim. The lack of a battery makes both Trijicon Tritium Sights and Trijicon Fiber Optics sights especially durable and able to withstand recoil. All the challenges that military and law enforcement officials face have been taken into account, making these night sights a perfect solution for any low light shooting situation.

More About Trijicon Tritium & Fiber Optic Night Sights

Lesser night sights have trouble dealing with the many stresses placed on them by professionals, but Trijicon Night Optics are tougher than the competition. A protective coat has been added to protect against cleaning solvents and powder residue, while an aluminum cylinder covers the tritium-phosphor lamp, giving greater resistance to recoil. The strong metal body, silicon rubber cushions and weapon-specific design make Trijicon the toughest option for Night Sights anywhere.

For more information on Trijicon Night Sights please make sure to check out the Trijicon Night Sight Sets Catalog in PDF format (~250Kb).
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