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US Night Vision Blackout Infrared Filter Kits for Military Vehicles are now available from! Tactical vehicle operations at night can often be difficult due to a lack of illumination, and using an easily seen light source such as your headlights can alert enemies to your position, greatly increasing your risk of discovery. Many units will operate in blackout mode, which shuts off all light. While this will help keep you incognito, it also makes it difficult for you to see enemies or the road for navigation. An Infrared Blackout Filter Kit allows you to see well in the dark without allowing anyone to see you with the naked eye. Look at the graphic below for a better idea of how a US Night Vision Blackout Filter works.

US Night Vision IR filters

Driving with just Night Vision Goggles will slow you down at night if there isn't enough ambient light to amplify for proper viewing. Not only do you have to travel slower to keep safe, you're also at a greater risk of accident if the night is overcast and there's little hope of lighting your path. As traditional headlights will be easily spotted, you'll want to have an infrared filter on your lights, which will filter out visible light, and only allow that part of the spectrum that's seen by night vision to pass through. A Blackout Filter Kits is an instant force multiplier, and you'll see results from day one in your tactical operations. The US Night Vision taillight filters, also made of infrared material, allow break lights to be seen by other vehicles in your convoy for greater awareness of your allies. All USNV running lights are covered with high impact plastic to mask light and stay tough even when faced with the hazards of the battlefield.

US Night Vision Blackout Infrared Filter Kits - IR Headlight Blackout Kits by US Night Vision & More!

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