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USMC Marine 5in.Folder USM1023BU
$18.09 $21.95 Save 18%
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder USM1023BU
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USM1023BU
MPN: M-1023BU
UPC: 805319071778
USMC Marine 5in.Folder Black USM1023BK
$13.49 $20.95 Save 36%
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder Black USM1023BK
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USM1023BK
MPN: M-1023BK
UPC: 805319071754
USMC Marine 5in.Folder USM1023WD
$13.99 $20.95 Save 33%
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder USM1023WD
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USM1023WD
MPN: M-1023WD
UPC: 805319071716
USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023BU
$16.89 $22.95 Save 26%
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023BU
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USMA1023BU
MPN: M A1023BU
UPC: 805319071761
USMC Marine 5in.Folder USM1023WU
$16.99 $21.95 Save 23%
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder USM1023WU
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USM1023WU
MPN: M-1023WU
UPC: 805319071730
USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023WU
$17.29 $22.95 Save 25%
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023WU
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USMA1023WU
MPN: M-A1023WU
UPC: 805319071723
USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023WD
$17.49 $21.95 Save 20%
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023WD
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USMA1023WD
MPN: M-A1023WD
UPC: 805319071709
USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023BK
$19.99 $21.95 Save $1.96
Model: USMC Marine 5in.Folder USMA1023BK
Code: 19Q-KN-YSO98-USMA1023BK
MPN: M A1023BK
UPC: 805319071747

USMC Iron Mike 9in Folding Knife w/ Assisted Action Product Info

The USMC Iron Mike Folding Tactical Knife w/ 3.75in Partially Serrated Blade is a spring assisted opening folding knife, which features a razor sharp, half-serrated 3.75" 440 stainless steel blade, ensuring quick and easy deployment.image Measuring 5" closed, this Tactical Knife from USMC weighs an impressive 7.12 oz. The USMC Iron Mike Knife comes complete with a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker making it the perfect rescue tool. The hard anodized aluminum handle on the USMC Iron Mike 9in Folding Knife includes a pocket clip for easy carry and access to your knife when you need it most.

USMC USM1023BK: Marine 5in.Folder Black
USMC USM1023WD: Marine 5in.Folder
USMC USMA1023BU: Marine 5in.Folder
USMC USM1023WU: Marine 5in.Folder
USMC USMA1023WU: Marine 5in.Folder
USMC USMA1023WD: Marine 5in.Folder
USMC USM1023BU: Marine 5in.Folder
USMC USMA1023BK: Marine 5in.Folder

Specifications for USMC Knife - Iron Mike:

Overall Length: 9in
Handle Length: 5in
Blade Length: 3.75in
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Anodized Aluminum
Weight: 7.12oz

Features of USMC Iron Mike Knife w/ Partially Serrated Blade:

  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • 440 stainless steel
  • Anodized handle
  • Action assist model
  • Partially Serrated Blade
  • USMC logo

Package Contents:

  • USMC Iron Mike Folding Tactical Knife w/ 3.75in Partially Serrated Blade

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