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Versace bifocal glasses meld cutting edge style with premium vision correction. Buying a pair of bifocals doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to shuffleboard and Bingo; you can still look hip while seeing clearly with a pair of Versace prescription glasses. The exact same Versace frames that make their normal lines of sunglasses and eyeglasses totally chic are also available for bifocal lenses. Versace is known for being a fashion-forward company, and their prescription eyeglasses adhere to the high design standards set forth by their clothing, accessories, and Versace sunglasses. Versace bifocal eyeglasses are designed for wearers of reading glasses; with bifocals, you can switch between words on the page and the world around you just by looking up. The bottom lens of bifocal glasses is designed for up-close magnification, while the top layer is used for normal vision at medium to long range. Thanks to Versace bifocals, you can keep your ability to read whenever you want without losing your unique sense of style.

Versace Bifocal Eyeglasses

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