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Versace bifocal sunglasses let you take your bifocals into the sunny outside world without consequence. Building on the premises of standard Versace bifocal glasses, these prescription sunglasses add an additional layer of UV protection and shading to cut down glare and protect your eyes from radiation. Versace frames represent the epitome of high fashion, and Versace sunglasses are just another example of the important role the company plays in the world of fashion. Bifocal sunglasses by Versace apply chic Versace fashion to an older variety of lens, allowing you to stay in style even when your years get long. Bifocal glasses work by separating the lens of your prescription glasses into two distinct layers; tilt your eyes down to use the bottom layer for high magnification reading, or use the glasses normally to obtain crystal clear vision in medium to long range environments. Bifocal sunglasses simply allow you to take this adaptive technology out into the world at large without bringing along clunky clip-on sunglasses or over-frame shades. Versace bifocal sun glasses are the chic solution to short-range vision problems in the sun, shade, or anywhere else.

Versace Bifocal Sunglasses

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