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Versace single vision lens glasses are simple and effective accessories to improve your vision. The prescription glasses are meant for almost anyone with vision problems, specifically people who don't need reading glasses. Featuring a single, high quality lens in each eye, glasses with single vision lenses allow you to see at nearly any range with almost 20/20 vision. All Versace glasses with single vision lenses fit into the sharp looking collection of Versace glasses frames, ensuring you'll have perfect vision in conjunction with perfect style. Versace has created a frame for nearly every purpose, from bright red statement frames to understated, rimless spectacles. Almost all of these Versace products can fit single vision lenses as well as bifocals and progressive lenses. For simple and fashionable vision correction that will probably last you years, single vision eyeglasses by Versace are the way to go.

Versace Eyeglasses w/ Single Vision Lenses

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