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Versace prescription sunglasses eliminate the need for bulky and decidedly uncouth over-frame or clip-on sunglasses. Owners of prescription glasses can get frustrated when they go out in the sun; most trendy sunglasses aren't wide enough to fit over Versace glasses frames, but without transition lenses or a good pair of sunglasses, UV rays can inflict long-term harm on your eyes, not to mention it can be hard to see when squinting against bright glare. Prescription sunglasses are just the antidote for such a conundrum, combining high quality corrective optics with a glare reducing polarized coating that also protects eyes from radiation. Prescription sunglasses by Versace put together the high fashion aesthetic of Versace sunglasses with the high quality lenses of Versace prescription eyeglasses for an indispensable outdoor accessory. These Versace sunglasses come in every variety of corrective lens, from bifocal prescription sunglasses for users who have problems with close-range vision, to single vision lens sunglasses for multi-purpose outdoor use. You can even purchase progressive sunglasses from Versace, which provide the functionality of bifocals in a single vision style lens. For great visual clarity in the brightest of environments, choose Versace Rx sunglasses.

Versace Prescription Sunglasses

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