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Versace progressive eyeglasses can be an excellent option if you need reading glasses but are less than enthusiastic about making the switch to bifocals. Progressive lenses and bifocals work in similar ways; both feature bisected lenses, which correct for different vision problems. The wearer of these prescription glasses can angle their vision down for reading and tasks that involve attention to minute details, or look into the upper lens for normal distance viewing. But whereas you can instantly notice a pair of Versace bifocal glasses because of the tell-tale line separating the reading lens from the normal lens, a pair of Versace progressive glasses will be much harder to spot since that line is all but invisible. No one will be able to tell the difference between a pair of Versace single vision lens eyeglasses and your new pair outfitted with progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are compatible with virtually all Versace frames, meaning you can make use of Versace's signature style while still being able to see (and read) in all situations. If you need versatile vision correction but don't want to suffer the stigma of bifocals, pick up a pair of Versace progressive lens glasses today!

Versace Progressive Eyeglasses

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