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Contour 's ContourHD isn't just a video camera, it's a revolutionary designed camera that works around you. Extreme sports require extreme equipment, and when filming the same is required of your digital camera. Take this digital helmet camera anywhere, whether your thrills are in skydiving, base jumping, skateboarding, snowboarding, or virtually any other sport the Helmet Cam by Contour will allow you to capture your adventure on video simply and efficiently. The Contour Camera mounts on nearly anything, from helmets to handlebars, roll cages to bullhorns, all with special Contour Digital Camera Accessories. Capture great quality tv-grade audio and video and transfer it with ease through a MicroSD Card. Con Tour also includes Contour Software that has the ability to share all your videos with one click into the online Contour Community. The Digital Camera by Con Tour features an advanced optical system. The front of the Contour HD Helmet Cam houses at least three major elements. This On Tour HD Digital Video Camera features dual lasers that activate on demand, sending out referencing beams indicating two pieces of information. The lasers indicate where the camera is pointed, and if your ConTours Digital Video Camera is level. A glass lens has a focal point covering the gamut, this focuses visual information onto a CMOS image capture sensor with a 640x480 end resolution. Both elements rotate together 192 degrees within a sealed capsule giving you a dead center video every single time.

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Contour Cameras are as rugged as it gets, these rock solid video cameras are built for sport. Brushed aluminum, baked fiberglass, and rubber make this helmet camera by Vholder able to withstand almost anything nature can throw at you. The "guts and nerves" are silicon treated and insulated for maximum protection. This Contoured Helmet Camera will keep up with you in any sport you choose, this camera revolves around you and not the other way around. Experience the freedom of excellent quality level video without damage. If strength, functionality are your prime interest the ContourHD1080P is your answer. Helmet Cameras are not only easy to use but easy to maintain as well. Ready to shoot your video? With single slide switch recording operation you can shoot on the go and stop whenever you need to. Each flick of the switch automatically creates a new file so you never have to worry about slicing and any major editing.

Contour ContourHD Helmet Camera offers fine line video processing. This unique features means no longer do you have to struggle with a software-based system, the Contour features a hardware-based processor that's dedicated to only video. This is equivalent to hiring an employee to only turn on the lights - no answering phones, running for coffee, or stroking any egos. Contour Digital Camera is designed with superior flexibility in mind. The Helmet Video Camera by VholdR can mount to virtually anything: helmets, cages, backpacks, as well as narrow gauge objects like handle bars, golf clubs, ski poles, and hang glider frames. In addition, ContourHD can mount to large gauge framework such as windsurfing masts, bull horns, roll cages, dogs, and whatever else you can think of. Have the freedom to point and shoot anywhere and on almost anything, VholdR Digital Helmet Cameras are a revolutionary piece of technology that will allow you to capture the moment you want.

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