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Victorinox Tomo, Multi 9.6351
$189.99 $450.00 Save 58%
Model: Victorinox Tomo, Multi 9.6351
Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-96351
MPN: 9.6351
UPC: 7611160034205
Victorinox Tomo, Lemon Yellow 0.6201.A8
$14.49 $24.00 Save 40%
Model: Victorinox Tomo, Lemon Yellow 0.6201.A8
Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-06201A8
MPN: 0.6201.A8
UPC: 7611160031051
Victorinox Tomo, White 0.6201.A7
$15.49 $24.00 Save 35%
Model: Victorinox Tomo, White 0.6201.A7
Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-06201A7
MPN: 0.6201.A7
UPC: 7611160031044
Victorinox Tomo, Apple Green 0.6201.A4
$16.59 $24.00 Save 31%
Model: Victorinox Tomo, Apple Green 0.6201.A4
Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-06201A4
MPN: 0.6201.A4
UPC: 7611160031020
Victorinox Tomo, Capri Blue 0.6201.A2
$18.19 $24.00 Save 24%
Model: Victorinox Tomo, Capri Blue 0.6201.A2
Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-06201A2
MPN: 0.6201.A2
UPC: 7611160031013
Victorinox Tomo, Mint Green 0.6201.A47
$19.49 $24.00 Save 19%
Model: Victorinox Tomo, Mint Green 0.6201.A47
Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-06201A47
MPN: 0.6201.A47
UPC: 7611160031068

Victorinox Tomo Multi Tool Product Info

The Victorinox Tomo is a compact multi-tool, knife combination perfect for small tasks. This Swiss army knife by Victorinox introduces a slimmer case and package thatimage was designed exclusively for Victorinox in Tokyo by ABITAX's founder Kazuma Yamaguchi. Putting a modern twist on our classic pocket tool, The Victorinox Tomo Pocket Knife captures the essence of the best-selling Classic, while featuring a rectangular shape and sleek design. The Victorinox Tomo Pocket Tool Set is perfect to attach to your keys, so you'll always be prepared.

Victorinox 0.6201.A8: Tomo, Lemon Yellow
Victorinox 0.6201.A7: Tomo, White
Victorinox 0.6201.A4: Tomo, Apple Green
Victorinox 0.6201.A2: Tomo, Capri Blue
Victorinox 0.6201.A47: Tomo, Mint Green
Victorinox 9.6351: Tomo, Multi

Specifications for Victorinox Swiss Army Tomo:

Length: 58mm

Features of Victorinox Tomo Multi-Tool:

  • Cellidor Polished Handle
  • Scissors
  • Key Ring
  • Blade
  • Nail File
  • Nail Cleaner

Package Contents:

  • Victorinox Tomo Multi Tool

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Victorinox Tomo, Pink 0.6201.A5, MPN: 0.6201.A5, UPC: 7611160031037, Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-06201A5
Victorinox Tomo, Victorinox Red 0.6201.A, MPN: 0.6201.A, UPC: 7611160031006, Code: PZ-KN-VIXMTOM-06201A

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