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Unfortunately Vixen AXD Mount with StarBook TEN Computer Controller is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Telescope Accessories category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Vixen AXD Mount with StarBook TEN Computer Controller Product Info

Vixen AXD Mount and High-Definition STARBOOK 10 Computer Controller conceals innovative gearing inside a sleekly designed cover, with a superbly powerful and accurate controller that is easy and fun to use. The Vixen AXD Motorized Telescope Mount is controlled by the Vixen STAR BOOK TEN Computerized Controller, with a huge database and a easy, intuitive interface that will let you star-hop all night long with ease. The Vixen AXD Motor Mount combines all the features that the serious astronomer has been waiting for. TEN in Japanese means "The Heavens", and this telescope mount will get you there with ease. With observatory quality controls, popular objects appear on the High Definition screen and the AXD "SEE-TO" Technology shows you the sky before the GO-TO sends you there. With the ability to zoom to any area, the Vixen AXD Mount and Starbook Controller can easily find your target object. When you have viewed all 270,000 objects, you can enter and save your own discoveries. No computer needed with the STAR BOOK TEN Computer Guide from Vixen.

The new Astro Imaging capabilities of the Vixen STAR BOOK TEN Controller include integrated video imaging and Video Auto Guiding. With the Zoom In feature for guiding and planetary observing, you can lock on an object, capture the image, and save it to stack later. The full metal construction of this observatory quality mount incorporates bronze 135mm 270 tooth RA Gear and 21 Needle Bearings (13 on RA Axis & 8 on DEC Axis). With all these features and Permanent PEC, Night Vision Mode, and a 270,000 Database the Vixen STAR BOOK TEN and AXD Mount is a revolutionary design for telescope mounts. This top-of-the-line Vixen scope mount and controller is one of the very best scope mounts available today. Covered by Vixen's 5 Year Warranty and manufactured in Japan.

Specifications for Vixen Scope Mount and STARBOOK TEN Computer Controller:

DEC Slow Motion: 216 tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 108mm diameter, brass wheel
Worm Gears: 14mm diameter, brass
R.A. Axis: 50mm diameter, A7075 Aluminum alloy
DEC Axis: 50mm diameter, A7075 Aluminum alloy
Number of Bearings: 21 pieces (6 for the R.A Azis, 4 for the DEC Axis, 2 each for the R.A. and DEC worm gear shafts, 2 each for the R.A. and DEC super gears, 3 peieces for the R.A. setting circle)
R.A. Setting Circle: 10 minute increments, accessible to 1 minute by vernier reading
DEC Setting Circle: 2° increments, accessible to 10 minutes (about 0.167°) by vernier reading
Azimuth Adjustment: Coarse setting
Altitude Adjustment: Latitude between 0° and 70° (3 divided adjustments, +-15° per zone), 2° increments, 3 altitude zones (For high, middle, and low latitude) Twin T-bar handles
Drive Motor: Stepping (Pulse) Motors with 400PPS
Automatic Slewing/Tracking: GO TO with STAR BOOK TEN, maximum 800x sidereal rate/Precision tracking with micro-step motion control system
Maximum Payload: 30 kg (66 lb) (750kgs, cm torque load
Polar Axis Scope:
Polar Axis Scope: Built in 6x20mm scope w/ 8 degree FOV; Bubble level, Illuminated reticle; Setting Accuracy within 3 minutes;
Time graduation circle: 10 minutes increments between 16h and 8h (the following day); Date graduation circle
Meridian offset circle: adjustable between E20° and W20° in 5° increments; Northern Hemisphere
Electricity Terminal: DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
Power Source: DC12V
Dimensions: 457x465x152 mm
Weight: 55 lbs (25kdg) without counterweight
Counterweight: 15.4lb (7kg)
CPU Display: 32 bit, 324 MHz
Display: 5-inch TFT Color LCD, WVGA (800x480)
Brightness Adjustment: Yes
Number of Objects in Memory: 273,332
Hibernate Mode: Yes
Backlash Compensation: Yes
Permanent PEC: Yes
Autoguider Compatible: Yes
Extension Slot: Yes
Tripod Specifications:
Cradle (mount base) diameter: 6 inches (151 mm); anodized aluminum finish
Leg diameter: 1st section, 2 inches (55mm); rubber armored.
Leg diameter: 2nd section, 1.7 inches (45mm); anodized finish
Leg Extension Adjustment: Fully extended, from 27 to 36 inches high
Weight: 24 lbs (11kg)

Features of Vixen AXD Mount and HD STAR-BOOK 10 Mount Controller:

  • Celestial Object Database: The STAR BOOK TEN contains more thant 270,000 object includeing Messier catalog, NGC, IC and the SAO star catalog. Celestial objects on the database can easily be searched by number or name. The user has the ability to register and save new objects
  • Different Tracking Rates: The motion of the moon, the sun and planets and comets are different tracking rates than the stars. The STAR BOOK TEN move the AXD Mount in different rates, automatically, depenedent upon the target object
  • Solar and Lunar Tracking Mode
  • Comet and Satellite Tracking Mode
  • Planet Tracking Mode
  • Object Registration
  • Hibernate Mode: Aftere selecting to contiue the current setup at the initial screen, you can break and restart your automatic slewing and tracking of the AXD mount by just flipping the pwer switch, if the mount is still in place, without loosening the R.A. and DEC clamp levers
  • Artificial Satellite Watching: The STAR BOOK TEN has a menu to find and track artificial satellites by entering the orbital elements of the satellites. The ISS and named satellites are pre-registered
  • Extension Slot: The STAR BOOK TEN has space for an optional extension unit. The extension unit has video signal inputs for both NTSC and PAL for captuing and displaying moving images. The use of this image processing enables the STAR BOOK TEN to function as if it had a built in autoguider. No external autoguiders are needed.

Package Contents:

  • Vixen AXD Motorized Telescope Mount with HD StarBook Computerized Controller

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