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Vixen is a high-quality optics and tripod producer based in Japan. Vixen introduces a full line of Vixen Tripodssuch as Vixen Table Tripods, Vixen Heavy-Duty Tripods, and Vixen Professional Tripods. These Vixen Mounts feature everything you need in a tripod. Vixen Professional Tripods will allow you to focus on the perfect shot. Vixen Sphinx SXW Mount with HAL110 Tripod MT-SX-2510 is an outstanding computerized mount for all-level of observer. Vixen Tripods are made for the newest video and still photography equipment. Vixen Camera Tripods are perfect for outdoor use. Give your favorite camera or favorite spotting scope its favorite Vixen Tripod. We will offer you a FREE SHIPPING with your Vixen Tripod, one of the best tripods on the market.