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Weaver Polar Caps Size C 1.22-1.29 71221
$10.39 $13.87 Save 25%
Model: Weaver Polar Caps Size C 1.22-1.29 71221
Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71221
MPN: 71221
UPC: 076683712219
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size U 72573
$10.99 $11.99 Save $1.00
Model: Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size U 72573
Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72573
MPN: 72573
UPC: 076683725738

Weaver Polar Caps Product Info

Weaver Polar Caps on sale and available from our online store. We are an Authorized US Distributor for Weaver Riflescope Accessories. With Polar Caps from Weaver, you can protect your riflescope's objective lens glass. These objective lens covers will stay put during stalks and you can count on them to pop-up quick for easy target acquisition. Weaver Polar Cap outside diameter sizes are measured in inches. We offer complete line of Weaver Riflescope Accessories. For our complete selection of products by Weaver on sale please visit our Weaver page. For more riflescope accessories please visit our rifle scope accessory store section.

Weaver 71221: Polar Caps Size C - 1.22-1.29
Weaver 72573: Polar Caps Clear Size U - 2.575-2.725

Features of Weaver Polar Lens Caps:

  • Protect your glass
  • Stays put during stalks
  • Will pop-up quick for easy target acquisition

Package Contents:

  • Weaver Polar Cap

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Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size D 71303, MPN: 71303, UPC: 076683713032, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71303
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size C 71223, MPN: 71223, UPC: 076683712233, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71223
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size F 71433, MPN: 71433, UPC: 076683714336, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71433
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Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size W 72873, MPN: 72873, UPC: 076683728739, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72873
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size H 71553, MPN: 71553, UPC: 076683715531, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71553
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size M 71763, MPN: 71763, UPC: 076683717634, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71763
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size J 71613, MPN: 71613, UPC: 076683716132, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71613
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size S 72222, MPN: 72222, UPC: 076683722225, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72222
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size P 71963, MPN: 71963, UPC: 076683719638, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71963
Weaver Polar Caps Size G 1.50-1.55 71501, MPN: 71501, UPC: 076683715012, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71501
Weaver Polar Caps Size H 1.558-1.66 71551, MPN: 71551, UPC: 076683715517, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71551
Weaver Polar Caps Size J 1.612-1.66 71611, MPN: 71611, UPC: 076683716118, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71611
Weaver Polar Caps Size S 2.225-2.36 72221, MPN: 72221, UPC: 076683722218, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72221
Weaver Polar Caps Size K 1.675-1.735 71671, MPN: 71671, UPC: 076683716712, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71671
Weaver Polar Caps Size U 2.575-2.725 72571, MPN: 72571, UPC: 076683725714, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72571
Weaver Polar Caps Size D 1.30-1.341 71301, MPN: 71301, UPC: 076683713018, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71301
Weaver Polar Caps Size N 1.840-1.919 71841, MPN: 71841, UPC: 076683718419, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71841
Weaver Polar Caps Size A 1.00-1.09 71001, MPN: 71001, UPC: 076683710017, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71001
Weaver Polar Caps Size B 1.095-1.10 71091, MPN: 71091, UPC: 076683710918, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71091
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size N 71843, MPN: 71843, UPC: 076683718433, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71843
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size T 72413, MPN: 72413, UPC: 076683724137, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72413
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size K 71673, MPN: 71673, UPC: 076683716736, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71673
Weaver Polar Caps Size F 1.432-1.485 71431, MPN: 71431, UPC: 076683714312, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71431
Weaver Polar Caps Size E 1.387-1.429 71381, MPN: 71381, UPC: 076683713810, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71381
Weaver Polar Caps Size R 2.10-2.22 72101, MPN: 72101, UPC: 076683721013, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72101
Weaver Polar Caps Size T 2.41-2.515 72411, MPN: 72411, UPC: 076683724113, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72411
Weaver Polar Caps Size M 1.760-1.820 71761, MPN: 71761, UPC: 076683717610, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71761
Weaver Polar Caps Size P 1.96-2.043 71961, MPN: 71961, UPC: 076683719614, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71961
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size R 72103, MPN: 72103, UPC: 076683721037, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-72103
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size G 71503, MPN: 71503, UPC: 076683715036, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71503
Weaver Polar Caps Clear Size B 71093, MPN: 71093, UPC: 076683710932, Code: WR-RA-ABFFDF-71093

Weaver Polar Caps Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review They Survived by Legacy Reviewer, October 31, 2010
Having not used the Butler Creek caps, I can't compare these to them. But I can say these are easy to get on, easy to change the lenses, and easy to use. Plus they survived their first hunting season with absolutely no problems, which makes them wort...
1/1 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review Weaver Polar Cap - Best Laugh of the Day by Legacy Reviewer, January 6, 2012
Much like opening a gag birthday gift, I actually laughed out loud when I saw this item. The construction looked as if it were cobbled together in a grade school craft class. The rubber body resembles an inner tube, the release mechanism is just ...
9/11 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Weaver Polar Caps by Frank, November 7, 2014
I use these Polar Caps for a very long time now and I am still satisfied. The caps prevent the lenses from dust and water and you can still aim if you suddenly run into a boar or roe deer while stalking. The only thing I have to critisize is that wit...
Most Recent Review Mostly functional, sometimes not by Legacy Reviewer, March 24, 2013
I have quite a few of these caps and about 75% of the time they work perfectly. The rest of the time mostly 2 things happen. Either the black trim ring pops off or the button that opens the cover doesn't work. They fit well if you measure your scope ...
1/1 found this helpful
Most Recent Review A waste of money by Legacy Reviewer, March 23, 2012
Weaver products generally provide good value; however this is not true with their polor caps that are made of flemsey plastic and worst of all the release mechanisms fall apart and will not relese the pop-up covers. They should either stop selling or...
1/1 found this helpful
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