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Unfortunately Wetley GGRX Adapter w/ Custom Multifocal Progressive Lenses for Google Glass w/ Free S&H is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Progressive Eyeglasses, Progressive Sunglasses, Prescription Eyeglasses, Prescription Sunglasses categories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Wetley GGRX Adapter w/ Custom Multifocal Progressive Lenses for Google Glass w/ Free S&H Product Info

The Wetley Glazok Gear RX Multifocal Progressive Rx Adapter Insert for Google Glass CSRXGGL2 have been designed to be the ideal solution for wearers of progressive lenses. This Google Glass Rx Insert from the professional product specialists at Wetley is a simple and convenient way to switch from the shield that comes with Google Glass to a progressive prescription setup in minutes. Made using a lightweight stainless steel frame, the Wetley GGRX Google Glass Adapter with Multifocal Progressive Prescription is extremely flexible, allowing the insert to take the desired curvature. The no-line bifocal lenses on the Wetley GRGX Google Glass Insert eliminates need to switch between two separate pairs of glasses for distance and reading. With these Wetley Progressive Lenses For Google Glass you can enjoy the benefits of continuous vision from near to far as well as the comfort of looking through the lens with no distinct line. For a great way to make sure you and your entire family can enjoy the amazing features of Google Glass, choose the Wetley No Line Bifocal GGRX Google Glass Adapter.

Specifications for Wetley GGRX Progressive Lens Rx Adapter for Google Glass:

Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Rx: Progressive
Lens Materials: Polycarbonate or High Index 1.67
Rx Range: +4.00 / -8.00
AR Coating: Yes

Features of Wetley GGRX Google Glass Rx Insert - Multi-Focal Progressive Lenses:

Stainless Steel Frame:

  • The frame of the Google Glass Prescription Lens Attachment is made of lightweight stainless steel. Durability, comfort and a light weight are the three major components that define stainless steel. With extreme flexibility that allows the insert to provide the desired curvature, due to its durability the frame will last longer even with frequent handling. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and will assure a comfortable fit even for those whose skin is very sensitive. And finally, the frame material for Google Glass prescription lens solution is 30% lighter than other frame materials.

Lens Materials:

  • Prescription lenses are available in two of the highest quality materials available today:
    • Polycarbonate Selection could be made based on the usage and prescription. Polycarbonate is one of the most impact resistant lens materials available. It is recommended for high intensity activities that require additional vision protection and can be used as safety eyewear.
    • High Index 1.67 is about 20% lighter and thinner than polycarbonate. It is recommended for prescriptions higher than +/-3.00 for a "thinner" look and better cosmetic appeal.
    *UV protection, anti-scratch and AR coatings are included with both materials.

Lens Upgrades:

  • The Wetley GGRX Google Glass Prescription Lenses comes in a variety of lens options that will suit any hobby, occupation and lifestyle:
    • Clear - all-purpose use lens. It can be used indoors and outdoors during day or night
    • Tinted - lenses could be used outdoors in a bright sunlight. Colors include: gray, brown, green, and yellow.
    • Photochromic - light adjusting lenses that darken outside when exposed to UV and lighten indoors or in sunlight absence.

Premium Crizal Coating:

  • Premium Crizal anti-reflective non glare coating is included with all lens options. AR coating helps to cut distracting glare and prevents eye fatigue by reducing the amount of light reflecting off the lens. In addition, AR eliminates side reflections. It is a perfect solution for looking at a computer screen or any other digital or shiny surface. In addition to reducing glare and reflections, Crizal Avancé™ coating resists smudges and scratches better than any other anti-reflective coating and easily repels dust and water.
  • Premium Crizal Anti-Fog is a powerful, anti-reflective coating which provides the same features as Premium Crizal but also carries hydrophilic properties that help retrain clarity throughout the lens in conditions that cause foggy lenses. The OptiFog™ lenses along with the OptiFog Activator™ were made to assist the wearer who is exposed to the elements where moisture change plays a constant factor in their day to day activities. With minimal care, you can achieve distortion free vision from conditions that cause foggy lenses - all while still receiving the superior features of the anti-reflective coating at the same time. The OptiFog Activator™ should be applied to your lenses on a weekly basis to better help your lenses react in their time of need. For more information, check out these easy to follow instructions.

Instructions for OptiFog Activator™ Application

*Premium Crizal Anti-Fog is not available on tinted lenses.

Package Contents:

  • Wetley GGRX Multifocal Progressive Lens Adapter for Google Glass CSRXGGL2

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Incompatible with Google Glass. Return policy includes a 50% restocking fee even on defective items. Terrible service. Couldn't be less happy. Pros: Zero Cons: Doesn't fit, blocks IR sensor, super expensive
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