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Wiley X Goggles & Sunglasses National Stock Number NSN Ordering Info is a proud supplier of Wiley X sunglasses and goggles to the U.S. Military. Wiley X Eyewear produces lenses using the precise amount of dyes in the manufacturing process, eliminating eye fatigue and strain. All Wiley X lenses block 400 nanometers or 100% of the suns harmful ultra violet rays. Wiley X has devoted a specific department to the development and creation of new and innovative goggle and sunglasses designs based on feedback from soldiers and officers in the field. These WileyX ballistic, modular systems combine several eye protecting functions in one. Wiley X prides itself on designing modular eye protection that can be worn for multiple applications. Single lens units and interchangeable one, two and three lens systems have been designed to function in any application where clear, protected sight is needed. Each Wiley X lens is made from pure shatterproof selenite polycarbonate and far exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards. We then formulate and die-cut each lens to eliminate distortion, giving the user perfect optical clarity. These features, combined with a wide range of performance enhancing tints, work together to provide the ultimate in eye protection without optical compromise.

Wiley X Goggles continues to be the most widely used goggle on soldiers conducting Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. The Wiley-X SG-1 goggles, seen on the cover of Time Magazine, has been heralded as the replacement for the outdated Sun, Dust and Wind goggle. WilleyX Goggles modular philosophy gives the soldier a multi-functional eyewear system in one. together with Wiley X eyewear provides the NSN's for numerous products below, improving the safety, comfort, and performance for all of our fine men and women in the Armed services. Please call toll-free (800) 504-5897 if you have any questions regarding quantity discounts. We ship military orders for Wiley X goggles and sungasses, as well as Authentic Wiley X prescription goggles and prescription sunglasses to APO/FPO addresses FREE of charge (please refer to our APO/FPO Shipping and Export Restrictions for more information on export to APO/FPO addresses)!

Wileyx Ballistic Goggles:
Model ## NSN Description
WileyX SG-1 4240-01-504-0994 2 Lens System
Wiley X SG-1 (V-Cut) 4240-01-510-7844 2 Lens System (Extra Ventilated)
Wiley X XL-1 4240-01-504-1037
Wiley X PT-1 Ballistic Eyewear:
Model ## NSN Description
Wiley X #PT-1SC 4240-01-510-7853 Two Lens System - Smoke Green & Clear
Wiley X #PT-1SCL 4240-01-510-7851 Three Lens System - Smoke Green, Clear, Light Rust
Wiley X #PT-1C 4240-01-510-7848 One Lens System - Clear
Wiley X #PT-1S 4240-01-510-7847 One Lens System - Smoke Green
Wiley X #PT-1L 4240-01-510-7845 One Lens System - Light Rust
Wiley X Romer II Ballistic Google Eyewear:
Model # NSN Descriptionn
#1006 4240-01-510-7864 Three Lens System - Smoke, Clear, Light Rust
Wiley X SG-1 Goggle Components:
Model # NSN Description
Wiley X #CG-1C 4240-01-504-5326 Wiley X Clear Replacement Lenses
Wiley X #CG-1G 4240-01-504-5312 Wiley X Smoke Green Replacement Lenses
Wiley X #CG-1E 4240-01-504-5754 Wiley X Elastic Strap Replacement
Wiley X #CG-1F 4240-01-504-6524 WileyX Replacement Frame (included temples & strap)
Wiley X #CG-1T 4240-01-504-6474 Wiley X Replacement Temples
WileyX XL-1 Goggle Components:
Model # NSN Description
Wiley X #XLC 4240-01-504-5303 Clear Replacement Lenses
Wiley X #XLS 4240-01-504-5308 Smoke Green Replacement Lenses
Wiley X #XLE 4240-01-504-5770 Replacement Elastic Strap
Wiley X #XLF 4240-01-504-65288 Replacement Frame (Includes elastic strap)
Wiley X Hard Case for both goggles:
Model ## Description  
#TS-235 Wilex Hard Case for Wiley X Goggles 4240-01-504-57977