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Model: Wiley-X Prescription Blink Sunglasses, Matte Black Frame w/ RX Lenses
Code: WX-RX-Blink-557RX
MPN: WX-RX-Blink-557RX
Model: Wiley-X Prescription Blink Sunglasses, Aluminum Gloss Frame w/ RX Lenses
Code: WX-RX-Blink-555RX
MPN: WX-RX-Blink-555RX

Wiley-X RX Prescription Blink Sunglasses Product Info

Wiley-X Blink Sunglasses are now available with Rx Prescription lenses directly from OpticsPlanet.com! You imageget Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic Wiley X RX frames and lenses at the low prices no one can beat!

Wiley X Blink Sun Glasses are excellent motorcycle, sport or duty eyewear. Wiley-X Blink Prescription Sunglasses are available in 3 frame colors: Aluminum Gloss, Metallic Black, Matte Black. We offer a variety of Wiley-X Prescription Lenses for WileyX Blink RX Sun Glasses, including Mirrored RX Lenses, Polarized RX Prescription Lenses, Mirror Polarized RX Lenses and TRANSITIONS® Light Adjusting Prescription Lenses (see the drop-down menu for details).

Other modifications of Wiley-X Blink Sunglasses:

Wiley-X Blink Sunglasses belong to WileyX Climate Control Sunglass Series. Wiley X Climate Control Sun Glasses can't be beat when it's come to fast paced action and the need to seal off your eyes from outside elements. You'll be ready for anything with Wiley-X Blink Climate Control Sunglasses with Facial Cavity seal. Wiley X Blink Sunglass is a mid sized frame in Wiley-X Climate Control Series. Orbital foam seal of Wiley X Blink Sun Glasses prevents debris, and precipitation from reaching the eyes. WileyX Facial Cavity Seal creates a clear eye housing of controlled air flow for perfect optical clarity. Double injected rubber temple tips combined with Facial Cavity Seal make Wiley X Blink the incredibly comfortable motorcycle sunglasses for the open road. Streamlined design keeps Wiley X Blink Sun Glasses secure and form fitting on any road condition. Proprietary T-Peg elastic docking system keeps the sunglasses in place even when looking over your shoulder for the right of way.

Wiley X Sunglasses offer 100% U.V. protection tinted lenses made of ballistic polycarbonate. Most tints of authentic Wiley X lenses offered by OpticsPlanet.com are offered in polarized and non-polarized forms. The difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses is in special filter that significantly reduces glare. Reduction of glare is especially important if you are on the water or driving. Polarized sunglass lens has a scientifically engineered filter that fights extreme glare and reflections, enhancing visual acuity. When normal, parallel rays of light bounce off surfaces like windshields, windows, water or ice, they create random light waves. These reflected light waves produce glare that irritates your eyes. Working like microscopic Venetian blinds, the polarized filters in polarized lenses "organize"the light, eliminating glare and reducing eye fatigue. For description of color and lens specifications please see our Wiley X Sunglasses & Goggles Lens Technology page. Please, note that Wiley X prescription sunglasses can also be ordered from OpticsPlanet.com with very special F2 Dual Gradient lenses and Filter 3 crystal gradient rx lenses. F2 Dual Gradient lenses is a brown lens that is darker brown on the top of the lens and gradually goes to a lighter brown towards the bottom of the lens. Wiley X Filter 3 crystal gradient lens is a grey color on top of the lens and gradually goes to a clear at the bottom of the lens and it has a light silver mirrored finish over whole lens. Gradient lenses are often a preferred choice of military, commercial pilots, and drivers. The gradient acts to block the sun's glare from the top while providing a clear view of instruments at the bottom.

TRANSITIONS is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc., Pinellas Park, FL

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Wiley-X Prescription Blink Sunglasses, Metallic Black Frame w/ RX Lenses, MPN: WX-RX-Blink-556RX, Code: WX-RX-Blink-556RX

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Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review 557rx wiley X blink by Legacy Reviewer, November 26, 2009
This is my second pair of Wiley-X Rx sunglasses, the prescriptions have been accurate and performance outstanding.I use these for shooting sports, hunting,fishing,and anything outdoors.I highly recommend them. Pros: All Good Cons: None
2/2 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review R60us by Legacy Reviewer, August 16, 2010
Cheaper than my local eye care specialist but lenses were cut wrong and had to send them back. It has been 6 weeks since I placed the order and still waiting for my glasses. I understand this stuff takes time so if you want them in a reasonable amou...
Most Recent Review Love these glasses by Legacy Reviewer, August 2, 2012
Love these glasses!
Most Recent Review Love my Wiley-X Blink prescription Sunglasses by Legacy Reviewer, September 5, 2011
Used Adidas Gazelle and Evil Eye in past. Prefer fit and rigidity of Wiley-X, although can't swap out sunglass lens to suit conditions. Hope Wiley-x lens will resist scratching better than Adidas. Opticsplanet quickly answered sales question and pro...
2/2 found this helpful
Most Recent Review LT Greg Zaryske by Legacy Reviewer, April 28, 2011
Nice Comfortable Tactical Eyewear appears to be suitable for harsh environment - will update as necessary Pros: Lightweight / Low Profile Cons: Fairly Expensive
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