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Wiley X prescription is a proud supplier of ballistic military goggles to the US Military - Mil spec Wiley X SG-1 ballistic goggles with high impact polycarbonate lenses that meet and exceed the US military ballistic impact requirements.  While of our ballistic goggles are tested in the labs, these military goggles have been battle tested in many parts of the world.  Here are a few reviews as they got to Customer Care department along with the images.  Please note that these images are VERY Graphic and discretion is advised!  We wanted to show how well Wiley X goggles protect eyes of our soldiers, and there is no way describe the pictures that are presented below - pictures are worth thousands words.  If you are not comfortable seeing VERY graphic images, please do not scroll further.

We often get exceptional customer reviews and product feedback on Wiley X SG-1 goggles, , but on August 13, 2004 we got one very special email from one of old our customers, Sgt. Zumaran Leonardo, that we wanted to share with you with his permission. Zumaran also emailed us his picture after the attack.

I am currently on iraq and 2 days ago I got hit by an IED (OP: Improvised Explosive Device) and I have shrapnel all over my face, but nothing happen to my eyes because I was wearing wiley x, thank you for your high quality product.
HSB 2-82 FA 1CD
APO AE 09348

wiley x goggles

Wiley X SG-1 Goggles


Another note we received on January 3rd, 2005 from PFC Burnside.  We will include the note and the pictures exactly how he sent us.

Please note that these images are VERY Graphic and discretion is advised!

im in iraq and  im a u.s marine. i got hit with a s.v.b.i.e.d(suicide vehical born improvised expslosive device.) it was thirteen 155 artilery rounds and 10 to 12 morders(250 puonds of raw explosives.) i was the gunner on the lead vehical. 20 feet from the bomb . im getting to is the the goggles work they saved my left eye. thanks wiley x. i think all military should wears these goggles they work on extrem shit! here is some kick ass photos of me  and you will see how they saved my eye.

 from pfc burnside

wiley x goggles

wiley x goggles

Wiley X SG1 goggles - battle tested, US Marines approved.