2,548 Brands 529 Categories All Departments is an Authorized US Dealer for Wiley X sunglasses and goggles. All Wiley-X sunglasses and Wiley X Goggles we sell are brand new models Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic!

All prescription and non-prescription Wiley X Sunglasses and WileyX Goggles meet and exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety standards, ANSI Z80.3 optical standards, Mil. Spec. MIL-STD-662 for fragmentation, and most other standards and requirements for tactical goggles and ballistic eyewear. Even in prescription form, Wiley X goggles and sunglasses can be used for industrial manufacturing, and they are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to comply with the regulations and requirements mandated by United States Department of Labor (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.133 Employee Eye and Face Protection), ANSI Z87.1-1989, and the ANSI Z87.1-2003 (PDF copy of Wiley X Spectacles and Goggles UL test report is available)

Wiley X Sunglasses offer 100% U.V. protection, and their tinted lenses made of ballistic polycarbonate with scratch resistant and anti-fog coatings. Most tints of authentic Wiley X lenses offered by are offered in polarized and non-polarized forms. The difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses is in special filter that significantly reduces glare.  Reduction of glare is especially important if you are on the water or driving. Polarized sunglass lens has a scientifically engineered filter that fights extreme glare and reflections, enhancing visual acuity. When normal, parallel rays of light bounce off surfaces like windshields, windows, water or ice, they create random light waves. These reflected light waves produce glare that irritates your eyes. Working like microscopic Venetian blinds, the polarized filters in polarized lenses ?organize? the light, eliminating glare and reducing eye fatigue. For description of color and lens specifications please see our Wiley X Sunglasses & Goggles Lens Technology page.  Please note that Wiley X prescription sunglasses can also be ordered from with very special F2 Dual Gradient lenses and Filter 3 crystal gradient rx lenses. F2 Dual Gradient lenses is a brown lens that is darker brown on the top of the lens and gradually goes to a lighter brown towards the bottom of the lens.  Wiley X Filter 3 crystal gradient lens is a grey color on top of the lens and gradually goes to a clear at the bottom of the lens and it has a light silver mirrored finish over whole lens. Gradient lenses are often a preferred choice of military, commercial pilots, and drivers. The gradient acts to block the sun's glare from the top while providing a clear view of instruments at the bottom.

Wiley X produces the lenses using the precise amount of dyes in the manufacturing process, eliminating eye fatigue and strain. All Wiley X sunglass lenses block 400 nanometers or 100% of the suns harmful ultra violet rays. Each lens is made from pure shatterproof selenite polycarbonate and far exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards. Willey X formulates and die-cuts each lens to eliminate distortion, giving the user perfect optical clarity. These Wiley X Sunglasses features, combined with a wide range of performance enhancing tints, work together to provide the ultimate in eye protection without optical compromise.

Wiley X Sunglasses & Goggles are now available with Rx Prescription lenses directly from!  You get Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic Wiley X frames and lenses at the low prices no one can beat!

Wiley X Lens Anatomy

  Wiley X Neutral Slate Lenses from are great for general-purpose use. These lenses will provide maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Ideal for most activities and sports where glare is a major factor. Light transmission 20.23%.
  Wiley X Clear as Crystal Lenses allow maximum light transmission without changing the value of colors. The clear choice for indoor shooting, industrial use, medical and dental use, night driving or any activity where protection is the main objective. Light transmission 89.30%.
  Wiley X Light Rust filter out blue light waves that are the chief components of glare and haze. These lenses provide contrast enhancements in medium to low light conditions. Great choice of golf, basketball, snow sports, and sport shooting. Light transmission 53.23%.
  Wiley X Vermillion Lenses / Pale Rose will improve details and enhance depth perception similar to the Royal Plum lens when encountering low or artificial light conditions. This lens naturally brings out the intensity of warm colors. These unique lenses are a favorite of skiers, golfers, trap & sporting clay shooters. Light transmission 51.35%.
  Wiley X Smoke Green Lenses are great for general-purpose use. These lenses will provide maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Ideal for most activities and sports where glare is a major factor. Light transmission 21.02%.
  Wiley X Blue Lunar: Multi-coat, z-oxide? mirror over our newly developed emerald lenses. Provides glare reduction, sharpens vision and detail through enhancement of neutral colors like brown and green. Great all around lens from dusk to bright mid-day sun.
  Wiley X Crimson Red: Multi-coat, z-oxide? mirror over our Neutral Slate lenses. Diminishes glare by absorbing reflection across the mirror face. Ideal for most activities where glare is a major factor.
  Wiley X Polarized Neutral Slate Lenses: Uses the latest in polarized film technology and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Eliminates glare, allowing the user to see clearly with more detail and definition.
    TRANSITIONS® or Light Adjusting Wiley X lens is a lens where the lens goes from clear to dark depending on the light conditions. Available with Prescription Sunglasses!

TRANSITIONS is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc., Pinellas Park, FL