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Wiley X Eyewear, one of the largest suppliers of tactical eyewear, is expanding its focus and shifting its emphasis from its purely protective positioning by raising the bar on fashion versus function by targeting new markets, namely NASCAR and similar genres.

Wiley X sunglasses and Wiley X goggles are standard issue within various armed forces units and law enforcement agencies including FBI, DEA, Navy Seals, Army Rangers and other highly specialized task force teams for the sole purpose of the eyewear's protective qualities, primarily that the glasses and goggles can withstand a shotgun blast at 10 yards and maintain the wearer's vision after such an instant. This level of protection has been deemed necessary in other dangerous environments such as automotive pit crew's; hence Willey X recent involvement with NASCAR and the unprecedented popularity with their original market are slowly but surely making its way across the track.

OpticsPlanet enthusiastically supports the developing NASCAR position of Wiley-X sunglass/goggle and proudly carries an expansive product line which represents both the renowned safety of Wiley X but also sporty aesthetic of NASCAR and aims to provide continuing promotion of the already pulsing popularity of this latest venture. Their most wildly popular sun glass lines such as the Wiley-X SG-1 Interchangables sunglasses and the Wiley-X XL-1 Interchangable goggle as well as the equally popular Wiley-X ROMER II Interchangables sunglasses and Wiley-X CQC Goggles 2-lens goggles are readily available and the recently developed Wiley X G-Line is quickly becoming a fast seller as well so grab yours now!