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Xenonics' develops and produces advanced, lightweight and compact low-light vision products for military, law enforcement, public safety, and commercial and private sector applications. Xenonics SuperVision DVS Night Vision Device SV100 is designed for many commercial and military applications.

Unlike conventional Night Vision that use a fragile glass "tube" to intensify every last bit of ambient light, SuperVision by Xenonics uses a sophisticated electronic sensor to receive the ambient light, called a charge coupling device or CCD sensor. Rather than simply intensifying the light like tube night vision, the sensor registers the light in a digital format. This data comes in the form of pixels of information, which is then further enhanced using digital signal processing (DSP) technology, to provide extremely clear images throughout a wide range of night time conditions.

Xenonics' Night Vision Devices are perfect for a number of applications. This Monocular is great for boating and fishing to see obstacles in the water or navigate accurately into the harbor. Also, have the advantage over predators while hunting and pre-season scouting. As well as watch game movements patterns while being completely invisible to them, the Xenonics SuperVision gives you the edge.

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