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Xenonics' develops and produces advanced, lightweight and compact low-light vision products for military, law enforcement, public safety, and commercial and private sector applications. Xenonics SuperVision DVS Night Vision Device SV100 is designed for many commercial and military applications. This Night Vision Monocular by Xenonics features the most sophisticated CCD sensor in the world. The unique sensor is powered by a specially programmed digital signal process.

All Xenonics SuperVision DVS's pickup ambient infrared light, naturally invisible to the human eyes. In addition, the SuperVision DVS Monocular by Xenonics Holdings is packed with a powerful 2 - 8x magnification, which even the very best Military-Grade Night Vision Units can't magnify without the need of additional eye pieces. Each Xenonics SuperVision Night Vision Monocular has integrated a adjustable gain control with various settings for twilight, dusk, night, and super night.

Let this high quality Xenonics Night Vision Device provide you with night vision the way it was meant to be. Xenonics Night Vision Monocular gives you a crystal clear black and white image show on a high-resolution display. Don't let other Night Vision Monoculars slow you down, this Xenonics SuperVision Night Vision Monocular is the most advanced in its class.

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