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Zan Headgear Cooldanna, White Paisley D102
$6.28 $8.44 Save 26%
Color: White Paisley
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D102
MPN: D102
UPC: 642608003030
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Wavy American Flag DC265
$6.28 $8.44 Save 26%
Color: Wavy American Flag
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC265
MPN: DC265
UPC: 642608001753
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Cotton Khaki D218
$6.28 $8.44 Save 26%
Color: Khaki
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D218
MPN: D218
UPC: 642608003306
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, 3 Color Desert Camo D203
$6.28 $8.44 Save 26%
Color: 3 Color Desert Camouflage
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D203
MPN: D203
UPC: 642608024691
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Digital Desert Camo DC169D
$6.28 $8.44 Save 26%
Color: Digital Desert Camouflage
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC169D
UPC: 642608022598
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Woodland Camo D118
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Woodland Camouflage
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D118
MPN: D118
UPC: 642608003160
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Blue Lightning DC226
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Lightning, Blue
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC226
MPN: DC226
UPC: 642608001623
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, USA Flag D120
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: USA Flag
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D120
MPN: D120
UPC: 642608003184
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Black DC114
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Black
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC114
MPN: DC114
UPC: 642608012391
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Paisley Navy DC111
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Paisley Navy
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC111
MPN: DC111
UPC: 642608001548
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Pink Paisley DC122
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Pink Paisley
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC122
MPN: DC122
UPC: 642608033693
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Red Paisley DC106
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Red Paisley
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC106
MPN: DC106
UPC: 642608001531
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Paisley Black DC101
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Paisley Black
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC101
MPN: DC101
UPC: 642608001524
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, White Pink Ribbon Series DBC02
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Pink Ribbon, White
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DBC02
UPC: 642608035529
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Tribal Iron Cross DC544
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Tribal Iron Cross
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC544
MPN: DC544
UPC: 642608039954
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Girl Skulls DC541
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Girl Skulls
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC541
MPN: DC541
UPC: 642608039923
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Black Pink Ribbon Series DBC01
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Pink Ribbon, Black
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DBC01
UPC: 642608035512
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Skulls & Crossbones DC540
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Skulls & Crossbones
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC540
MPN: DC540
UPC: 642608039916
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Flower Skulls DC553
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Flower Skulls
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC553
MPN: DC553
UPC: 642608044255
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Pink Camo DC276
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Pink Camouflage
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC276
MPN: DC276
UPC: 642608036908
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Flames DC556
$6.28 $8.38 Save 25%
Color: Flames
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC556
MPN: DC556
UPC: 642608044286
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Digital ACU Camo D169ACU
$7.18 $9.55 Save 25%
Color: Digital ACU Camouflage
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D169ACU
UPC: 642608037516
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Digital Green Camo DC169G
$7.18 $9.55 Save 25%
Color: Digital Green Camouflage
Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC169G
UPC: 642608022581

Zan Headgear CoolDanna Headbands Product Info

Zan Headgear Cooldanna Bandannas can be worn as a head or neck tie to provide hours of cooling relief during hot days and activities. To activate the cooling crystals, simply soak your Zan Cooldanna in cold water for approximately 10 minutes and your good to go. Use as many times as you need. For on-the-go use, place your Zan Headgear Cool Danna in a zip lock bag and add water. Cooldannas from Zan Headgear also come in a wide various prints and designs to suit your lifestyle.

Zan Headgear DC553: Cooldanna, Flower Skulls
Zan Headgear DC556: Cooldanna, Flames

Features of ZanHeadgear Cool Danna Bandannas:

  • Custom prints and designs
  • Contains non-toxic polymer crystals
  • Hand washable 100% cotton
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Zip-lock bag included for on-the-go use

Package Contents:

  • Zan Headgear CoolDanna Bandanna

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Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Gray Pirate DC279, MPN: DC279, UPC: 642608036915, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC279
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Turquoise Flames DC281, MPN: DC281, UPC: 642608001784, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC281
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Purple Paisley DC103P, MPN: DC103P, UPC: 642608021263, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC103P
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Old School DC542, MPN: DC542, UPC: 642608039930, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC542
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Checkered DC545, MPN: DC545, UPC: 642608039961, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC545
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Pink Flames DC533, MPN: DC533, UPC: 642608037080, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC533
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo D173HHD, MPN: D173HHD, UPC: 642608038759, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D173HHD
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Advantage MAX-4 HD Camo D175M4HD, MPN: D175M4HD, UPC: 642608038704, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D175M4HD
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Realtree All Purpose HD Camo D173APHD, MPN: D173APHD, UPC: 642608038742, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D173APHD
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, Urban Camo D202, MPN: D202, UPC: 642608003290, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-D202
Zan Headgear Cooldanna, USA Eagle DC543, MPN: DC543, UPC: 642608039947, Code: 7Z-B4-CLDN-DC543

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