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Zeiss Victory binoculars combine sharp, cutting edge optics with ergonomic design to create an effective, comfortable pair of binoculars that will help you see clearly anywhere in the field. These high-quality binoculars utilize the LotuTec lens coating, which lends Victory binoculars high resolution imaging with very little of the color fringing you see on lesser binocular models. The Zeiss Victory line of binoculars contains several different variations on the common Victory theme: the Victory FL, Victory RF, and the Victory Compact series. The Zeiss Victory FL binoculars take advantage of fluoride glass for a high contrast, high light transmission image. These Zeiss binoculars also feature lockable eyecups, a rapid center focusing mechanism, and magnification ranges up to 10x, all adding up into one of the better lines of Victory binoculars by Zeiss.

The Zeiss Victory RF binoculars, on the other hand, feature large 45mm objective lenses for improved image brightness. Zeiss has designed the RF series of Zeiss Victory binocular specifically with hunters in mind, which is why they outfitted it with the unique Ballistic Information System (BIS). BIS, when used in conjunction with the integrated range finder on the Victory RF binoculars, allows you to compensate for bullet drop and make accurate calculations using nothing but the binoculars. The Zeiss Victory Compact series offers similar features to its bigger cousins, but in a much smaller package. Whether you're hunting or birdwatching, a pair of these high contrast binoculars will help you see with an unmatched clarity and range. We offer a full selection of Carl Zeiss Victory binoculars here at our online store, all with Free Shipping for orders over $49, so browse our catalog below to find the binoculars that are right for you!

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