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Zhumell introduces a full line of Zhumell Tripods: Zhumell Compact Monopod, Zhumell Heavy-Duty Tripod, and Zhumell Professional Tripod. These Zhumell Tripods feature everything you need in a tripod. Zhumell Professional Tripod will allow you to focus on the perfect shot. Zhumell Tripods are made especially for the newest video and still photography equipment. Zhumell Camera Tripods are perfect for outdoor use. You will move around your telescope very easy with Zhumell Tripod Wheel Base. Give your favorite camera or favorite spotting scope its favorite Zhumell Tripod. We will offer you a FREE SHIPPING with your Zhumell Tripod, as well as with Bogen tripods and Manfrotto tripods which are considered the best tripods on the market.