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American Optical Sunglasses have a long tradition as the favorite brand of pilots in the US Air Force. Closing in on 200 years of experience, American Optical has aided the US Government through both World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam and more. The American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses have the incredible distinction to be the first sunglass to be worn on the moon, as astronaut Neil Armstrong brought his favorite pair on his historic trip to the moon. These sunglasses were first manufactured in 1958, and met the Air Force's rigid specifications. This quality, along with their legendary design, is what has made American Optical Sunglasses popular for so many years. Their classic styling has ensured that while fashions and styles change, the look you'll get from a pair of American Optical Sunglasses will always look good. We also have a good selection of American Optical Prescription Sunglasses in case you need corrective lenses, and they have the same great style and quality as the options below!