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1. Preparing the Work Area and Safety

AIM Sports Universal 30-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit AIM Sports Universal 30-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit

Locate a flat surface free from debris or anything sharp or jagged that could mar the finish on the revolver. I prefer working on higher surfaces when cleaning any firearm as it's easier on the back and further away from any unwanted contact with the firearm.

Unless you are working on an old work bench that has as many stains as the floor at the local oil change facility you're going to want to liberally lay down newspapers or rags. This is going to prevent ruining the surface you are working on and will help protect the guns finish.

Get all the materials and tools needed before grabbing the revolver(s). You wouldn't start to work on your car without making sure you had everything you needed to do the job, so why would you do it with a firearm?

Once the area is prepped and all the cleaning equipment, and supplies are ready with extra rags for those "oops!" moments then grab the revolver. This pre-cleaning planning will make the cleaning an easier process!

Gun Safety

Make sure the safety is on (if applicable) and finger off the trigger, while holding the gun in a safe direction open the cylinder. With the Cylinder open you can look in the bore and the remaining cylinders to make sure that there are not any rounds in the gun. Treat every gun as though it's loaded and show every single firearm the same respect as a loaded weapon.

  • Things to remember:

Remember if you have taken the gun out of a safe with other firearms in the safe, be sure to immediately lock the safe after removing the gun(s) to be cleaned. This will keep your other weapons safe from any undesired entries and also protect against the enemy that is humidity.

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