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Jesse Tischauser

Jesse Tischauser grew up with guns. The son of a firearms dealer, he learned his way around guns early in life. When most kids were running around hoping for the newest bicycle on the market, Jesse was eyeing his father's firearm collection. He went on to serve his country as an Army Staff Sergeant. After the military, Jesse decided to take a run at the 3 Gun world, and the transition was a success. Shooting his way into the top 20 in his first 3-Gun match, Jesse was ranked top 5 in the UPSA Multi Gun Nationals within two years.

Jesse is involved in virtually all facets of sports shooting and works to promote the sport for future generations to come. Jesse runs forums such as, hosts local tournaments, and heads a foundation called "Generation III Gun" to introduce young adults to 3 Gun Competitions and to raise funding for the cost of tournaments for aspiring sport shooters. Jesse is dedicated to the sport of shooting and ensuring that future generations have the same opportunity as he did, if not more. Jesse's dedication and involvement have made him an integral member of the shooting community. A constant competitor, Jesse Tischauser also holds classifications in all 6 USPSA pistol divisions and participates in IDPA, ICORE, SCSA, and GSSF matches. According to Jesse himself, "I have yet to find a shooting sport I don't like!"

Jesse lives with his wife Tara and two English Mastiffs, Henry and Oliver. Whenever Jesse isn't making noise at the range or hard at work with his 9 to 5, chances are good that he is relaxing on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.


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1. What is 3-Gun Shooting Competition?


In case you live under a rock and only stumbled upon this How to Guide by accident, let me give you a quick rundown on what 3-Gun is. 3-Gun is a shooting competition that requires the shooter to use 3 guns (imagine that!) to complete a set course of fire in the fastest possible time. Competitors shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns at a multitude of target types from point blank range out to several hundred yards. One of the cool things about the sport of 3-Gun, unlike almost every other shooting sport, is that each course of fire is unique. You never get fatigued from repetitively shooting the same old thing every time!

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