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Lasermax Laser Sights are manufactured by an award-winning company located in Rochester, NY. LaserMax specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech laser diode modules for more than twenty-five years. LaserMax serves several distinct marketplaces, such as military, law enforcement departments and security forces. LaserMax as one of the leading laser sight manufactures, and in addition to the firearms lasers offer OEM, industrial and scientific lasermax laser sights that are highly sought after and are known worldwide for their precision and reliability. Our LaserMax green have flown on multiple US Space Shuttle missions, proving that a LaserMax sight is one of the toughest in the industry! LaserMax laser accessories for military firearms are produced with this same ruggedness. No matter what type of military weapon you may have, Lasermax produces laser sights for most Glock pistols, some Beretta and some Springfield pistols. Throughout the US and around the world, law enforcement officers, military personnel, special ops tactical personnel, civilian gun enthusiasts, and those serious about personal protection put their trust in Laser Max. If you have any questions regarding any of our LaserMax laser sights, please do not hesitate to contact our product specialists! We are your number one provider of LaserMax sights on the net and have the best prices!

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Gun Model: Laser Sight Serial Number Prefix Battery Model Number Laser Model Number
Glock: AA 392 LMS-1140, 1141, 1150, 1151, 1151FG/R, 1240, 241
AAA 392, 3X393 LMS-1141, 1151, 1151FG/R
AAAA 3X393 LMS-1141P
4A 3X393 LMS-1141P
B 392 LMS-1130, 1131 Steel tube
BB 392 LMS-1130, 1131
BBB 392, 3X393 LMS-1131
BBBB 3X393 LMS-1131P
4B 3X393 LMS-1131P
SIG: C 393 LMS-2200, 2201, 2260, 2261 Steel tube
CC 392 LMS-2201, 2261, 2263
1911: CF 392 LMS-1911
SIG: D 392 LMS-2250, 2251, 2280, 2281, 2290, 2291 Steel tube
DD 392 LMS-2205, 2251, 2280, 2281, 2290, 2291
Glock: E 392 LMS-1130 Steel tube
F 393 LMS-1140 Steel tube
G 393 LMS-1150 Steel tube
4G 3X393 LMS-1151P, 1151PFG/R
GGG 392 LMS-1151
GGGG 3X393 LMS-1151P, LMS-1151PFG/R
SIG: H 393 LMS-2200, 2201 Steel Tube
HHH 319 LMS-2391
I 393 LMS-2260, 2261 Steel tube
J-Max: J 357 J-Max
SIG: JJJ 319 LMS-2451
K 393 LMS-2280 Steel tube
Smith & Wesson: L 393 LMS-1240
L Found at end of newer N & P serial numbers to indicate change in machining
SIG: M 393 LMS-2290, 2291 Steel tube
Beretta/Taurus: N 377 LMS-1440, 1441 Steel tube
NN 377 LMS-1441
P 377 LMS-1430, 1431 Steel tube
PP 377 LMS-1441
SIG: Q 392 LMS-2250 Steel tube
R 393 LMS-2280 Steel tube
S 393 LMS-2290 Steel tube
Sabre: SC, SF 357 LMS-SA-GC, LMS-SA-GF
Smith & Wesson: T 377 LMS-591 Steel tube
Uni-Max/Sabre: U 357 Uni-Max (Red)
UG 1/3N Uni-Max (Green)
Glock: V 319 LMS-1161, 1171
W 319 LMS-1181, 1191
Springfield XD: X 319 LMS-3XD
XD4 3X393 LMS-4XD40, 4XD9/357
XD5 3X393 LMS-5XD
Y 319 LMS-4XD45-ACP
5X45 3X393 LMS-5XD45-ACP
Steel tube sights should use our battery pack, not loose batteries. All mini-Glock, Sig 239, Sig 245, and 1911 sights are high bright with aluminum tubes. Any model number ending in a 0 is a standard bright, i.e. 1130, 1140.

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