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Nikon rangefinders are the best way to take the guesswork out of hunting, shooting and your golf game. As there are so many variables on the golf course or shooting range, from elevation and wind to temperature and barometric pressure, having an exact distance is especially important when trying to make the perfect shot. Golf rangefinders by Nikon allow you to tell how far the green is, as well as the distance to potential pitfalls, like sand traps and water hazards, so you can select the right club, and take the correct approach to a particular hole. If you're hunting, a high quality rangefinder from Nikon is going to give you the ability to not only accurately gauge the distance to your game, but also give you readings on the incline or decline, so you can better compensate for all factors. You never know when that perfect game is going to appear, but you can rest easy that when it does show up you'll know just where to aim. A lot of amazing technology goes into making a Nikon range finder, so if you have a few questions about some of the terminology or features be sure to read through our How to Buy a Laser Rangefinder article.

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Optical quality, sturdy construction and cutting edge tech are all standard in Nikon Rangefinders. Since you need to clearly see the object you're ranging, the optics need to be top notch. Fortunately, Nikon puts the same care into the lenses for their rangefinders as for their riflescopes, binoculars and cameras. The high quality glass in Nikon rangefinders gives you a perfect view of what you're ranging, so that you can see details on the green or sand trap for a better idea of where you want your ball to land. As hunters and golfers are outdoors, stomping through all sorts of potentially hazardous conditions, it's important that their tools are as tough as they are, which is why Nikon made their rangefinders waterproof, fog proof, and strong enough to handle years of abuse. Finally, accuracy is the most important function of a rangefinder, and Nikon has pulled out all the stops in developing and implementing the most advanced tech without breaking the bank. For a well rounded, fully featured rangefinder, Nikon is the clear choice.

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