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Armasight OPMOD GEN1M 1.0 Limited Edition Gen 1 Night Vision Monocular / Goggle w/ Head Mount
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I purchased two sets of these monoculars for myself and my family to use wh...
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Works as intended with the "hey, what's that red dot that's moving over the...
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Not what your dreaming of...

by R, from United States, NY Written on December 26, 2014
1- low quality night MOnocular vision.(especially wihtout IR light switched on)
2-head gear is not user friendly and doesn't do its job.

8pm Dec 2014 upstate NY
winter deciduous forest no snow, wet leaves.
wooded terrain, unkept trail, 200yard walk through woods no external lighting around.
rocks, tree branches, stumps, brush,uneven ground etc:
moonless night in slight mist rain

*this platform is ok when not moving but not good for walking, end of story!
Why? the head piece requires constant attention making it hands on, the focus requires constant attention making it hands on... this defeats the whole purpose of buying the headgear. i walked off an unkept wooded trail path using the device to give you an idea of how confusing and distractng it is.

MY RECOMENDATIONS: Just buy a handheld night monocular for half the price. i have one and its much easier than this contraption. if this was a high quality unit i would understand putting up with the hassles but its not.dont expect your going to walk through the woods like a navy seal on a raid or easily go night hunting. this device is like a 3 year old it needs to be babied constantly every 5ft.

vison - the eye piece has narrow vision which is ok and expected for this quality. the bad part is if the head piece moves a quarter of an inch (WHICH IT WILL UNLESS YOUR STRAP IT TO YOUR HEAD LIKE A PAINFULL VICE) you loose the vision clarity. when walking the head piece moves and you have to constan...
Would recommend: No
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Great within 75yrds with extra intensifier

by Tbone, from United States, NC Written on September 26, 2014
The product work good within 15 to 20yrds with built in infrared. Does not work without built in infrared unless there is ALOT of ambient light. I found the best way to use product is to buy an extra infrared intensifier 810 from armasight. Then your range is increased by 150%. Eotech 552 is compatible and works great with night vision out to 75yrds. with extra 810 intensifier....
  • price, was on sale
  • None.
Best Used for:
  • Close Range
Would recommend: Yes
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Not bad for Gen1

by George Schoolmaster, from United States, KY Written on August 21, 2014
I purchased this for night hunts for coyotes as well as for personal protection at night. They are a bit bulky and a little on the heavy side but with that being said, the head mount makes it comfortable. In standard mode without the IR mode on, they don't work all that well for seeing in the dark. I wish they were compatible with the ACH helmet NVG mounts but I can live with it as it is. I would recommend them to anyone who does not want to pay the big dollars for the better units....
Would recommend: Yes
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Good for the price

by Sammy, from United States, IA Written on July 30, 2014
This product works well in low light. In no light conditions you need an illuminator or some type to see. An external long range ir unit is really what allows use with other kinds of equipment. Without an outside IR unit it is useful for short range viewing. It works well in a house or small yard by itself. However, the built in IR unit does not work with a sighting device because it reflects off the glass back into your unit and blinds it. You need a mounted IR unit for that use....
Would recommend: Yes
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A dandy little device.

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on February 25, 2014
If you want something fun to use on a camping trip, well boy, you found it!!! This thing is great for just exploring, and messing around. If you wanna be a backyard Sam Fisher, or a runaround Solid Snake, this is your best piece of gear. If you're a serious prepper or soldier, or anything like that, then you might want to go ahead and save up the $2,000 for a good set of GEN 3, AN/PVS-7's. These are just fun to have for the sake of having fun. IT'S A REAL GEN 1 NIGHT VISION DEVICE, and that's all that matters to me.
Pros: Light, Head gear is comfy, Does it's job well, Can turn off IR.
Cons: Not a very far draw distance, Has a bit of a fisheye effect, Built in IR LED glows red....
Would recommend: Yes
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honest oppinion

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on February 13, 2014
This is my first night vision optics ever.
I carefully researched the market for 1 month, and from all Gen1 types this was The One that seemed to offer the most out on the field.
And it was the right choice!
My first impression: "damn this thing is real!!"
Second impression: "damn I can see way farther than what I learned it is capable of!!"

At night if ambient light permits bare eye visibility to roughly at 50m, then in these conditions with the Opmod Vega in passive mode you can see very clearly and very detailed to vast distances. (So again: with bare eyes in low ambiental light 50m means long distances in passive night vision mode.)

With infra ON the light emitted is not really far, I can say less than 50m, but specs mention this. It's a short range flood type of infra red light. Get a long range one optionally if you need a long range infra. (The "red lighting LED" infra can be seen shining on the front of the device, but only for like 20m.)

Warning! From the moment the device is turned OFF, the night vision is still ON for a few minutes (it's slowly fading out!) so bare in mind that this way you can still see for like a good 10 minutes, also be very careful not to flash any lights into the front objective lens, as the device is still in fragile mode. Put on the rubber cap when you turn it off.

The head-mount is tricky to figure out how to use it in the dark (mounting on and getting off the scope), but once that I got used to it, it becomes easy. (Advice:...
Would recommend: Yes
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Not Bad for Entry Level

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, WA Written on January 21, 2014
If you're wanting something affordable so you can see in the dark, then this item will work for you. Device was kind of dim in an area with some ambient light, needed to use the IR illuminator when I felt I really shouldn't have to. The device does have a fish bowl effect in the image which can cause some disorientation when walking, and of course, no depth perception. The IR illuminator is visible and can give away your position. On the other hand, it is light weight, affordable, and functions well. The fully adjustable headgear and mount are good. Comes with a tactical carry case that has plenty of features. I was able to track a dog out to about 60 yards, but again, was in an area lit by neighboring exterior lighting.
Pros: light weight, comfortable headgear, affordable
Cons: fish bowl effect, dim image, visible IR illuminator...
Would recommend: Yes
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Armasight OPMOD GEN1M 1.0 Limited Edition Night Vision

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, GA Written on November 2, 2013
Great for the money. I did have a problem with the on/off switch not working. I sent them a e-mail and they responded before the day was over. Sent the broke unit back and I received a new one in a week. Great customer service. Very happy with the new unit and I would highly recommend company to family and friends.
Pros: Clear
Cons: None...
Would recommend: Yes
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Great Optic

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on October 8, 2013
Great optic and solid headgear. I have a single black dot in my tube, but only visible with IR. Works well, but if batteries are low it will start acting odd (failing to turn on periodically). I wish there was a dedicated IR button and the IR light itself could have a wider range. Met expectations and I'm overall very happy.
Pros: Light, Rugged, Clear, Solid Head Mount
Cons: Would prefer dedicated IR button...
Would recommend: Yes
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Great Value for Beginners!

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, WA Written on October 5, 2013
Unlike many contributors, I've had absolutely no prior experience with NV optics and only exercised a few days of online research before taking a chance and ordering this product - based on the reviews found here on

The message was clear that a GEN 1 device is, as another reviewer remarked, a GEN 1 device. With no reference, my initial thoughts were that I would either be satisfied or disappointed.

First, I found the product to be of good value, i.e., the combined features of the device, the effectiveness and adjustability of the head gear, the compartmentalized carrying case and included battery, lens cloth and hex key. I was surprised to see that some components of the swiveling mount were made of aluminum vs. plastic.

Second, the orientation of the monocular to the eye (left or right) should accommodate most people's preference. I found that the two hex screws clamping the swivel can be loosened to allow the monocular to be more accurately aligned with one's line of sight as the three indexed stops may not place it well enough by default. Focusing as per the included instructions generally gives a clear image and needs to be set for individual objects/distances.
Third, the built-in IR illuminator works well enough for very near vision but has its limitations, e.g., ~10 meters. However, I also purchased the Armasight IR810 and attached it to the bottom of the device (with included rails/adapters) which significantly improves NV beyond this m...
Would recommend: Yes
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