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Bushnell 10x42 Fusion 1600 ARC Laser Rangefinder Binocular
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Most Helpful Positive Review bushnell 10/42 fusion 1600 arc laser rf
Without taking a 2nd mortgage on my house, this is by far the best unit I h...
Most Helpful Negative Review Bad optics
Although Leica Geovid and Zeiss Victory RF cost 2-3 times more, there's no ...
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Worst glass I have ever looked through

by Ivan, from United States, NM Written on December 1, 2014
Are you kidding me Bushnell! $1000 for this product is insane! I have seen $100 binoculars that perform better. If you are buying these for hunting these may be for you if you like looking at green and blue deer and elk! My dad has these and some Vortex vipers that I sent back for repairs 3 weeks ago. His Vortex binos were completely refurbished and will be here day after tomorrow. I called Bushnell today and they told me that somebody will look at them in 8 more days! What a joke. I asked Bushnell why they haven't even opened the package and they didn't have an answer for me. NO WARRANTY when you compare to Vortex's warranty is like apples and oranges! Don't waste your time and $$$$. I dont know how others giving reviews can give these optics a thumbs up? Would give 0 stars if I could....
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  • Horrible glass!
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  • nothing
Would recommend: No
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Bushnell Fusion Binos - value for money

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner Written on February 11, 2013
Great value for money with very good quality optics. I bought these to get the combined binos & RF to save carrying separate items "on the hill". (we have some serious "hills" where I hunt). I was expecting that optics might suffer a little with compromise of dual features but to my pleasant surprise the optics are superb. Have been able to range farm sheds and animals out to 1600 yrds. Only downside as noted is the difficulty in reading the RF display when operating in bright sunlight and brightly lit objects. Even when illumination is cranked to max. You have to move the binos to a darker object in the same vicinity to clearly see the display. No issues if you're hunting first light and dusk when lighting is not bright but could be tad frustrating if you spot a trophy head out in the tussock in middle of day or into a setting sun.
Pros: Really impressed with the glass, clarity, fov and depth. Very crisp. I would struggle to justify spending another $1k for euro high end binos.
Cons: ARC read out is difficult to read in bright sunlight, even when you crank up the illumination to max (4)....
Would recommend: Yes
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Bushnell Fusion ARC 1600 Rangefinder binoculars

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner Written on April 2, 2012
Very good value for money - so much more affordable than other brands available
Pros: Very good value for money. Easy to set up and use. Instructions easy to understand
Cons: Display is somewhat difficult to read in bright light...
Would recommend: Yes
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Bushnell fusion 1600 10x42

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on March 18, 2012
The range finding is great on these. The only complaint is the hard to see display when used in bright lighting conditions. The glass is very usable; better than I expected. Really good glass for the price, even if the rangefinder was not included.
Pros: great rangefinder, good glass
Cons: display is hard to see in bright light...
Would recommend: Yes
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Awesome rangefinder binocular combo

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, AK Written on December 15, 2011
I upgraded to this rangefinder binocular combo on a recommendation from some Special Forces scout sniper friends. I figured if it was good enough for them, its good enough for my Alaska needs. I was using a pair of Leupold RXB-IV (RB800 predecessor) rangefinding binoculars. The Leupolds only ranged large flat surfaces at 700 yards and animals 400-500 yards on a good day. They were rated for 1500 yards. The glass was decent and the battery wore out quickly. These Bushnell Fusion 10x40s blow the Leupolds away in every category. The glass is so much better and easier to focus, and keep focused. The laser rangefinder is very powerful. I ranged a group of trees instantly at 1128 yards in a snow storm. The unit is also super simple to use and pretty much had it mastered before I read the instructions. The CR123 battery is also very easy to change. This was extremely cumbersome with my Leupold RXB-IV. I would recommend these to anyone as it is a quality product.
Pros: Easy to use, very powerful laser, easy to focus, nice glass for the cost, one unit does both
Cons: CR123 battery, these batteries do not last long in cold climates...
Would recommend: Yes
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Ballistics group H holdover info inaccurate

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, WA Written on August 20, 2011
The binoculars show holdover numbers for ballistics group H to be larger than for ballistics group G which is impossible since group H is for a flatter shooting cartridge.If the holdover info is not reliable you might as well purchase a better and less expensive rangefinding binocular.
Pros: Easy to range with
Cons: Ballistics group H holdover info not accurate...
Would recommend: No
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Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, WA Written on July 21, 2011
Ideal for having both binocular and range finder in one unit. Plus provide the long distance range finding for our hunts in Colorado. ...
Would recommend: Yes
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Bushnell Fusion Arc Bino Ranefinder

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, WA Written on May 28, 2011
Excellent product. I don't understand some of the negative comments. WOW what a great product. I had Leupold RX-IV and man does this thing blow the Leupold out of the water. I can range telephone poles at 1000 yards easy. Fartest range so far is 1799 yards on a tree which is over a mile. Ranged a moose 536 easy. Didn't see a deer yet. Shot on steel at 700 yards no problem at all. Couldn't go any farter because my friend had trouble seeing the target with is 10x scope (He has a big crosshair) It is a little heavy, but guys these are good quality binoculars and rangefinder. Most high end Bino are. The blue tint that alot of people are talking about is barely noticeble, plus this is there to diminish the heat wave when looking through glass. Bushnell hit the mark with this one. The battery is supposed to last up to 8000 scans, compared that with the leupold RX-IV at 2000. So far I can see the range just find. Didn't have a chance to go in the bright sunlight to see if it's dim or not. The glass is excellent. Maybe not quite as good as Swaro binos but for the money, I have nothing negative to say. So far 2 thumbs up, if I had three thumbs I'd give it three. Thanks
Pros: Great Long Range...
Would recommend: Yes
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Nice integration but inferior to standalone products.

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner Written on April 13, 2011
The LED-driven display is too dim and difficult to read on even moderately bright days. The LCD display used in the Bushnell 1500 rangefinders, which is easy to read under all conditions (except perhaps the dark of night) is superior. Even though the LCD thin film would likely compromise the optical clarity of the binocular vs. the LED projected image, Bushnell should have used the high contrast LCD display in the Fusion too. The Fusion optics aren't going to rival top bin euro optics or even a pair of Gold Rings, regardless.

Unlike the 1500, the Fusion is incapable of ranging at close range. I don't know where it signs off, but it's somewhere under 20 yards or so. My 1500 can range distances down to 5 yards, which may not be important to some users.

I'm looking forward to not having two optical devices around my neck banging against each other during hunts, but the rangefinder performance is disappointing. Most people seem to be critical of the optical performance of the Fusion, but I think discerning the optical differences between most mid-tier and up binoculars is splitting hairs. However, when it comes to a difficult ranging situation, you either get a reading or you don't (or you get one and can't read the dim display).
Pros: Only a single weight around your neck when hunting!
Cons: Rangefinder difficult to read in sunlight. Overall performance inferior to 1500....
Would recommend: Yes
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Very Impressive

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner Written on April 7, 2011
I am a semi-professional photographer. Over the years I have had an opportunity to look through some of Nikon's best glass available. Bushnell has raised the bar with the Fusion 1600 ARC for range finding binoculars. The first thing I noticed is what appears to be a polarizing tint on the glass. This is a great feature because it helps temper convections (heat waves) when looking long distances over fields. We hunt ground hogs in a 4 square mile area where there is a total of 3 farms. So there are few buildings to worry about. My first trip out with these was yesterday and I was amazed at the clarity of objects at approximately 2 miles. I lased a barn with white paint and it came back to me at 1802 yards. If you want to ditch the range finder you have an go with a combo this is the one to buy.
Pros: Very good glass, compact and good for field work
Cons: Display may be a little dim...
Would recommend: Yes
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