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523514 Zeiss Special Binoculars 8x30 B/GA I.F. Safari is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Zeiss Special Binoculars 8x30 B/GA I.F. Safari and other Binoculars by Zeiss.

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5.0 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5.0 / 5
Usability 5.0 / 5
Features 5.0 / 5
Value for your money 5.0 / 5
Meets expectations 5.0 / 5

Zeiss Special Binoculars 8x30 B/GA I.F. Safari Reviews - Reviews from 1 to 1 out of 1


Product Ratings:
Overall rating:
5 / 5
Easy To Set Up:5 / 5
Features:5 / 5
Meets expectations:5 / 5
Usability:5 / 5
Value for your money:5 / 5

Author: Eightbore from Tunis on Jul 26, 2010
Pros:  Durability, Style, Value,
Cons:  No Case?
Would recommend:  yes

Eightbore wrote:

I split my time 80/10/10 between Africa, Europe, and the US respectively. I travel a great deal on each continent and often through rough country. All of my gear receives similarly rough treatment and is actually depended upon quite heavily. In other words, I purchase anything of quality to actually "use and abuse" and not to "show off". Given that, these binoculars are probably the best combination of durability, style, and function that I have ever seen in quality glass. The clarity is more than impressive and easily equals or surpasses Leica or Swarovski glass often costing much more. The light gathering is also surprisingly good for binoculars of this size. On most relatively compact binoculars, this sacrifice of light gathering is a price one willingly pays but these really require no major compromise that I can tell (I am 38 years old however, so maybe my own pupil doesn't open up like it used to and is keeping me from perceiving a shortcoming here?). In any case, I get a ...
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