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REVO Sunglasses for women and men have revolutionized sunwear with cutting-edge fashion and advanced lens technology. OpticsPlanet is proud to be an authorized distributor of REVO and the other innovative Luxottica Group labels with genuine REVO Sunglasses and REVO Prescription Sunglasses at prices as low as discount designer sun glasses, and Shipping Is Free! We are the leading online retailer of Designer Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses, and we only sell authentic Revo Sun Glasses that are brand new and come with the full REVO Warranty. We do not sell replica REVO, imitation REVOs, REVO fakes or cheap sunglasses. With REVO men's and REVO women's sunglasses styles that range from sophisticated to sporty, REVO is recognized for its exclusive lens technology adapted from developments at NASA that ensure the ultimate in eye protection and optical performance. Only REVO multilayer lenses feature the Light Management System (LMS) technology which controls the light coming in based on the sensitivity of the eye. The effect is an unmatched visual experience of clarity and sharpness. REVO is also the sunglass choice for preserving healthy vision. REVO sunglass lenses block 100% of ultraviolet rays (UV), 95% of infrared rays (IR) and manages and reduces blue light radiation without altering the perception of colors. Our REVO Prescription Sunglasses lens are prepared by an authorized REVO lab to REVO specifications. See our Sun Wear Guide for tips on picking the best sunglasses, and see our Guide To RX Glasses for information that makes it easy to order REVO sun glasses with Rx lenses at our store. Contact Us if you have any questions about the outstanding REVO Sunglasses and REVO Prescription Lens Sunglasses.

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