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Aimshot HS3500 Heatseeker/Gamefinder Infrared Heat Sensor, Black HS3510B
Length: 7 in
Fabric/Material: High Impact ABS Plastic Construction
Code: AS-H1-HEATSEEKER3510-HS3510B
MPN: HS3510B
UPC: 669256351009
Aimshot HS3500 Heatseeker/Gamefinder Infrared Heat Sensor, Camo HS3510C
Model: Aimshot HS3500 Heatseeker/Gamefinder Infrared Heat Sensor, Camo HS3510C
Code: AS-H1-HEATSEEKER3510-HS3510C
MPN: HS3510C
UPC: 669256350101

AimSHOT Heatseeker Infrared Spotter with Laser HS3510B, HS3510C Product Info

AimSHOT HeatSeeker 3510 Infrared heat sensor with lasers features the latest military and law-enforcement thermal heat sensor technology. Impressively, this thermal heat sensor tracks accurately up to 300 yards! These AimSHOT Heat Seekers come with a built-in laser that help you pinpoint the heat source with an accuracy that has never been available before. Heat Seekers by Aimshot are perfect for hunting, law enforcement, or security solutions. With 64 different intensity settings on this infrared tracker you can be confident you'll receive accurate readings. When you hear or see the bar graph of AimSHOT HeatSeeker HS 3510 indicate a target, you turn on the laser to point directly to the target.

There are many uses for the AimSHOT HeatSeeker:

  • Locating lost children, pets, livestock
  • Find injured, hiding, or downed game
  • Detect thermal losses in a home or business
  • Detect hot spots in equipment
  • Ensure safer building searches for military and law enforcement
  • Detect overheated ballast transformers for fire prevention
  • Almost anything that requires the detection of heat, or differences in heat levels.

Technology for the hunt, security or law enforcement! Heatseeker works by detecting heat sources and motion of heat to help find game and bad guys. Temperatures are read as infrared light waves which appear on the digital bar graph display. A "squelch" alert can also be heard through the ear plug. Detects objects as close as 2' and can reach as far as 900' under optimum conditions! Great for scanning woods, tracking wounded animals or personal security.

Available Models of Aimshot HS3500 Thermal Imaging Systems:

  • HS3510B: Aimshot HS3510 Heatseeker Game finder, Black
  • HS3510C: Aimshot Heatseeker/ Gamefinder HS 3510, Camouflage

Specifications for AimSHOT HS-3510 Heat Seekers Gamefinder:

Length: 7in (19cm)
Red Laser Wavelength: 650nm
Red Laser Output: <5mW
Direction Range: 2 - 900ft (0.3-300m)
Volume Increments: 7 levels
Gain Increments: 64 levels
Weight with battery: 8.25oz (250g)(Requires one 9V Battery)
Construction: High-impact ABS Plastic
Finish: Matte Black (HS3510B) or Camo (HS3510C)
Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Features of AimSHOT HS3510 Heatseekers:

  • Built-in laser sighting makes acquiring targets easier... can be turned on and off
  • Adjustable volume, for when silence is critical
  • Runs on one 9V battery (included)
  • High-impact ABS plastic construction
  • 7" long and weighs just 8 1/4 oz.
  • Includes belt pouch, earphone and wrist strap.
  • Spot game, even in the thickest woods! HeatSeeker tracks any heat source up to 300 yards!

Package Contents:

  • AimSHOT HeatSeeker 3510 Infrared Heat Sensor

AimSHOT Heatseeker Infrared Spotter with Laser HS3510B, HS3510C Unorderable Models

Aimshot HS3500 Heatseeker/Gamefinder Infrared Heat Sensor, Black HS3500B, MPN: HS3500B, UPC: 669256350002, Code: AS-H1-HEATSEEKER3510-HS3500B
Aimshot HS3500 Heatseeker/Gamefinder Infrared Heat Sensor, Camo, MPN: HS3500C, Code: AS-H1-HEATSEEKER3510-HS3500C

AimSHOT Heatseeker Infrared Spotter with Laser HS3510B, HS3510C Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review IR Heatseeker by Legacy Reviewer, October 21, 2013
Does what it is supposed to do very well. REmember it is not an IR camera, so it measures differences in heat, and does not give an actual spot heat value. Well built. Pros: easy to use, well built Cons: takes some time to get used to it
3/3 found this helpful
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