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LOMO ELF-1 Night Vision Scope - A2220 54% OFF
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Please note: Black spots (artifacts) in image intensifier tubes are an inherent result of the manufacturing process and do not affect the performance of a night vision unit. Higher generation units have fewer artifacts.

LOMO ELF-1 Night Vision Scope - A2220 54% OFF Product Info

ELF-1 Night Vision Scope by LOMO PLC

Astonishing New Elf I™ Night Vision Scope fits in the palm of your hand! Elf I™ makes darkened areas surrender their secrets.

It is hard to believe that 500x light amplification can come from a device size so small. The Elf I™ Night Vision monocular is made in Russia by LOMO PLC, one of Europe's most advanced optical manufacturers. Elf nightvision scope combines so many remarkable features in such a tiny package - good 1st generation resolution, excellent battery life, infra-red emitter, high sensitivity and interchangeable lens mount. 

The small size and jet black case make this beauty nearly invisible. Weighing in at less than 12 ounces, you will want to carry the Elf I™ with you whenever you wish to see what the night will not disclose to your unaided eyes. Law enforcement and security personnel will appreciate seeing the "perps" in their hiding places. It is like "x-ray vision" for thedark. 

Comes with black nylon case and removable lens with provision for extra-range infra-red illuminator. 


Magnification: 1 X
Field of View: 22°
Resolution: 2 mrad
IR Illuminator: Built-in
Voltage: 3 V
Continuous work: 8 hours
Generation of Image Intensifying Tube: 1st
Amplification factor: 500
Total Sensitivity:  250 mcA / lm
Resolution: 25 lines / mm
Size: 110 x 70 x 60 mm (4.3" x 2.8" x 2.4")
Weight: 0.3 kg (0.7 lb)

ELF-1 Night Vision Scope

Make sure to check out LOMO Night Vision Device Manual in PDF format.

Please note a cool upgrade: the lens on Elf-1 can be removed - a LOMO 90mm lens/Accessory Pack can be purchased as 4x Upgrade Package (A9404) for both Elf-1 and LOMO CHAMELEON Night Vision Scope. A 50mm lens (2.5x) comes with LOMO CHAMELEON Night Vision Scope, but it is not available separately.

Full US Warranty through / LOMO America, Inc.

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LOMO ELF-1 Night Vision Scope - A2220 54% OFF Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Excellent by Legacy Reviewer, August 18, 2012
This Device is great for observation of wild life and just having fun in the dark. In pitch darkness you can clearly make out objects at 50 feet. The IR light is very useful indoors. Outside it can light up objects within 20 feet.Even without the IR ...
1/1 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review LOMO ELF-1 Night Vision Scope - A2220 by Legacy Reviewer, July 24, 2007
All you can get at this price. Best to have additional mount kits for different DC.
2/3 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Fun for the money by Legacy Reviewer, March 27, 2010
When I bought this there were no other scopes in the $100 range. I'm pretty happy with it for that price becuase it works well, especially at close range with the IR lamp on. But there is a very narrow depth of field, so you have to constantly re...
2/2 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Cheap monocular with x1 magnification by Legacy Reviewer, March 26, 2008
Neat little unit for the money. Not the best quality amplification, and will need an additional illuminator to be effective (I think the illuminator is just a red led, not a true IR light) Pros: smal size, no magnification, 22 degree field Cons: poo...
Most Recent Review Small, useful, with a few quirks by Legacy Reviewer, July 25, 2007
The Elf is a neat little toy- small enough to carry anywhere, and it runs forever on common batteries. It does have one rather annoying feature- periodically the display will start to oscillate in a way that will startle you and alert any animals you...
3/3 found this helpful
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