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Emergency Car Kit
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Emergency Survival Car Kit Product Info

Nature is as beautiful as it is unpredictable. That is why OpticsPlanet presents the Emergency Survival Car Kit. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a hunter, or simply live in an area where pristine drives in the mountains or in the lush forests are hard to resist - you should always be ready to tackle anything that nature throws your way. What if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to wait for hours, if not days until help arrives? Having essential survival gear in your car at all times dramatically improves your chances of the rescue crews or other motorists finding you alive.

If you are stuck on your way to a trail somewhere deep in the woods or on a road seldom traveled by other motorists, you should never panic. To keep your mind at ease, the OP Emergency Survival Car Kit comes with two essential Pocket Guides Publishing Pocket Guides - Auto Maintenance and Repair, and Outdoor Survival. The former is to attempt to get you back on the road, if the problem is your car. The latter is for situations if your car is now a hunk of metal sitting on the road with no use except to shield you from the elements. This is where our Kit begins to play a crucial role.

Fire rule is to never leave you vehicle. Do not attempt to make your way out because it is more likely that search and rescue teams will find your car before they find you wondering around in the woods. To keep you warm amid the foul weather, a BLACKHAWK! HellStorm Fleece Cap is in the OPMOD MCS TriModular Sling Bag to keep your head warm. To make you more visible, a Stanley Hi-Viz Vest is included. Either put it on when you are outside your vehicle, or hand it up high near yourself.

Cutting instruments are essential to your survival. For utility cutting tasks you will find the Gerber Compact Sport One-Hand Opening Multi-Plier 400 and a Coast Pro Predator Lock Back Knife. These cutting instruments provide you essential cutting and fixing tools.

For lighting, you will find a Streamlight Enduro Headlamp and a Coast A22R flashlight. When nightfall comes, you will be glad that you have some light to keep you company. If you need to build a fire, the OpticsPlanet Emergency Survival Car Kit comes with a Gerber Bear Grylls Hatchet to make cutting down firewood easier and a Zippo Emergency Fire Starter to actually light it with ease.

As we said before, it is imperative that you stay with you vehicle at all times. However, situations are different and you may need to briefly leave it. Just in case you have to leave the safety of your car for a short period of time, we strongly advise to use the Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour GPS Tracker and Personal Locator. Just mark your car's position, and the digital compass will guide you back the way you came.

Going to sleep in the car is uncomfortable to begin with it. When it is cold out, life becomes even more miserable. A Space All Weather Blankets is included that will help keep you warm by reflecting your body heat back at you. It's an often overlooked survival essential, but when you stay warm at night, you'll be glad you have it.

Last, but not least - you will find a BlackHawk HydraStorm Nalgene Water Bottle and a Stanley Personal Protection Medium First Aid Kit. Staying hydrated and being able to treat injuries is key to survival before rescue crews or other motorists find you. The first aid kit has the basic medical supplies such as antiseptic wipes, adhesive strips, gauze, tape, trauma pad, tweezers and more to keep you going.

The OpticsPlanet Emergency Survival Car Kit is intended to help stranded motorists stay safe and have essential survival gear. Being stranded far away from civilization is unnerving as it is, but having a set of tools that are put together with your well-being in mind, you can finally rely upon something until rescue crews find you.

Features of OpticsPlanet Emergency Survival Car Kit:

  • Basic essentials for outdoor survival
  • Comes with a first aid kit and a first aid guide
  • Includes flashlights, knives, a hatchet and gear to build a fire
  • Includes an auto maintenance and repair and outdoor survival pocket guides
  • Comes with Rite in the Rain paper for notes
  • Includes a Hi-Viz vest and a BLACKHAWK Fleece SkullCap

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