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Yukon NVMT 1x24mm Night Vision Goggle Headgear Kit
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Most Helpful Positive Review Awesome NVG's for an Awesome Price
I'm a prior service Army Iraq/Afghanistan vet, so I am kinda biased in my r...
Most Helpful Negative Review U get what U pay for
I bought this Yukon NVMT looking for a cost effective NV solution. I am a ...
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I Would Give It 6 Stars If Possible

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, TX Written on December 5, 2013
Absolutely impressed with the quality and clarity of this unit. I have a few other NV setups and this monocular is as impressive with a third of the cost.
Pros: Lightweight, clear, simple
Cons: None, for the price...
Would recommend: Yes
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by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner from United States, MI Written on May 22, 2013
1/2 Moon-IR OFF
Detection Range: 150m
Recognition Range: 50m

1/2 Moon-IR ON
Detection range: 150m
Recognition Range: 60m

1/2 Moon-850mW IR Illuminator
Detection range: 170m
Recognition Range: 80m

Purchase was for military simulation airsoft events, more to come on night time combat effectiveness after 5/25/13
**All measurements are approximations at this time, true measurements with tape measure to come tomorrow night 5/23/13 and ambient light conditions from moon phases will be added through out this month (22/5/13)
Pros: Light weight, great clarity, easy to use, great range with moon ambient light, Detection range: appox. 150 m, Recognitionn range: approx. 50m
Cons: head strap not adjustable, somewhat easyto twist out of place, IR lights brightness is like a big cigar end just lit...
Would recommend: Yes
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Scope rocks, head gear not so much.

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on May 9, 2013
The scope works like a champ. I have tested it in several different lighting situations, from pitch black, to moon light, to residual lighting in a dark room. With moonlight and residual lighting, you get a pretty clear image without using the IR light. I was able to make my way around pretty easily. In pitch black, the IR light gives you an incredible amount of illumination. If you are in a small area, it will light it up likes its day time. In an open situation, I was able to get illumination at about 200 feet or so. It was dim, but sill lit up enough that I could make out what I was looking at. Like others have said, you get a little bit of a fish eye affect with this, and the IR light is clearly visible to the naked eye when illuminated.

The biggest problem I had with this set is the Head Gear. I almost returned the whole setup just because of it. I dont have a huge head, but its a good size. My head stretches the chin strap to its limits. I cant adjust it any more, and it is just a little too tight. Having all that pressure on your jaw is quite uncomfortable. Without it, you risk the whole rig flopping off your head. I came up with a quick fix by adding a little velcro to extend the adjuster enough to fit properly.

Once you get everything adjusted correctly, mounting the scope is a piece of cake. Another issue though is the push-button drop-down arm that holds the scope has a little wiggle room, which causes the scope to smash in to your eye if you move your head...
Would recommend: Yes
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Good price for what you get

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner from United States, KS Written on May 31, 2012
Gen1 NVG is Gen 1 NVG. That is exactly what this is and that is what you are going to get. If you are using this to just get around in the dark then you are good to go. I used this in a 600 person airsoft MilSim night game. It worked well for what it was. I was able to turn off the IR Illuminator and simply use the unit to spot other peoples IR light. If there is a full moon out then you will get some good visibility out of this unit. However, I was using during a quarter moon and I really could only see others if they skylined themselves or if I had the IR on (which means death). I was able to sneak behind many people using PVS-14 NVG and 'safety kill' them which just goes to show you that no matter how expensive your gear is, it won't save you if you don't look behind you. The headmount works but I took it apart to rig it to my helmet. The unit is pretty heavy to be supported by your neck but it can work. Most annoying thing was having to constantly run the focus ring on the front to view objects at varying distances. Worth the money but remember, it is STILL gen1.
Pros: Headmount is useful
Cons: Gen 1 but that is what you are buying. Constantly having to use the focus ring for different distances....
Would recommend: Yes
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Yukon NVMT 1X monocular w/ headgear

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner from United States, GA Written on May 11, 2012
I already own a An/pvs-4 Gen 3 rifle scope, so I was surprised by the more than adequate performance of the Yukon NVMT 1x monocular. Headgear is comfortable and easy to adjust, chin strap uses a plastic catch to fasten in place so you won't be fumbling with threading a velcro strap through a d-ring. IR illuminator is more powerful than two competitors that it was compared to. You will need to practice your focusing routine to get the most out of your NVMT and part of this routine may include getting the ocular eyepiece as close to your eye as possible. I am very nearsighted, but the +/- 4 diopter adjustment allowed a clear sight pictue to beyond 100 yds when using additional IR illimination provided by a Streamlight TL-2 IR flashlight (A human figure can be easily identified at 250 yds using this combination). The built in IR illuminator is good for maybe 50-60 yds. Of course, the darker the night, the more effective it will perform. Be sure to get a headset if you buy a monocular, even the lightest monocular gets heavy in a hurry when handheld.
Pros: Value, performance, comfortable headgear,IR illuminator
Cons: User must adjust ocular and objective carefully...
Would recommend: Yes
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Yukon NVMT Night Vision

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner Written on April 16, 2012
great product, needs the increased objective lens in my opinion, and expanding case or larger case to accomidate the larger lens when attached would be a great addition
Pros: does what it claims
Cons: small field of view, case will not fit with interchangable lens attached...
Would recommend: Yes
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Awesome NVG's for an Awesome Price

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, NC Written on January 10, 2012
I'm a prior service Army Iraq/Afghanistan vet, so I am kinda biased in my review. Just keep in mind that, No. These are no set of 14's. If that's your expectation, save your money or try to win the lottery. However, they're pretty awesome for the price. There are some pro's and con's with any gen 1's but thus far I am pretty happy with this product.

The pro's are the lightweight yet apparent ruggedness of the product. A heavy set of night vision has the helmet/skullcrusher riding down on my face and throws the image off. These aren't heavy, so the image stays right where I want it to be. Another pro is that Yukon advertises that the unit CANNOT be interchanged over the left eye... that it is a right eye unit ONLY. This is false. All you have to do is unscrew the bracket from the skullcrusher, and invert it. problem solved. For us tactical shooters, left eye viewing is a must and it is easily done. Another pro is the ease of adjustment. With the push of a button you can flip the unit up without losing your personalized adjustments of the unit... something I was afraid of when I bought this unit. Something else I thought was cool was the lens cover. It has a pinhole apeture in the center. This allows the unit to work in daylight. IF you get the weapon attachment, this could be a pretty useful feature. I wish there was a way to attach a lanyard/550 cord though, so you don't lose it when you take it off. Another pro is that I can turn off the unit - even remove the battery, an...
Would recommend: Yes
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head set

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner from United States, AR Written on November 29, 2010
I am a LT. in the 53rd AAA (airlift asualt airsoft) Squadron, and we are currently looking for an in-expensive gen-1 style set of gogles to equip our cadets with. One of our troops found this set and bought one for us to try. I was very pleased with it in the fact that for the money it is very versitile, and can easily be converted from the head gear kit, to a helmet mount while in the field. Also I was suprised at the quality of the viewing. Objects that are out of focus, can easily be brought in range by the adjuster. It is also very durable and can take a lot of punishment. Over all, for a gen-1 set, and the price, we are going to be equiping the rest of the unit with these. They're great gogles, and for those that have a budget I would recommend these to anyone!!...
Would recommend: Yes
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turn night into day

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, MA Written on October 25, 2010
yukon 1x24 nvmt with head gear is a great product for the money and does what I need it to do. It has very clear image for 75 to 100 feet on a clear night and on an open field I can see as far as 300 feet great for a gen 1. If you need better visablity you should buy the IR flashlight mount accessory. The only thing you'll need to learn to work with is the focusing as your sight distance changes, but outside of that it great for night walking/hiking, fishing, and observation....
Would recommend: Yes
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Great for the Price!

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner from United States, TX Written on April 16, 2010
Bought this unit for nighttime Hog Hunting in east Texas. Image clarity is great to about 50yds, then drops off slightly. The view angle is a little smaller than I would like, but overall, you can't beat it for the price. Headgear is also a little uncomfortable and could use more padding, but when properly adjusted, it works great as a hands free unit.
Don't expect the high quality images you see on TV and Movies, as this is a Gen 1 unit. I've tested in and around the house, and have had no trouble moving around and picking out various objects from across two rooms. For indoor use, the included IR light works great in illuminating the whole room. I researched several NV units and choose this one because of the price and features comparison. Other units at this price either do not have an IR light included, or the IR light is always on (appears as a red light), making you visible.
Overall, I love this unit and plan to use it for many hunting trips to come.
Pros: Price and clarity of images
Cons: headgear uncomfortable, view angle...
Would recommend: Yes
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