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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Folding Swim Fins has been discontinued by Flipfins and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Scuba Gear category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Folding Swim Fins Product Info

Flip Fins Amphibian Flipfin Scuba Fins are high performance scuba diving flippers you can also walk in when entering and exiting the water. The days of dragging your swim fins in and out of the water are finally over! Flipfins Amphibian Dynamic Scuba Diving Fins are a totally new class of scuba flippers. Take Flip-Fins out once and and you will never go back to traditional swimming fins. Amphibian Scuba Diving Flip Fins feature the revolutionary and durable Aqua-Hinge mechanism and highly efficient blade design, which provide an essential combination of performance and safety for scuba divers at all levels. No other diving fins can match the power and comfort provided by Tactical Fin Amphibian Flip Fin, which features a prominent central web configuration contributing to increased propulsion and reduced load required during sustained kicking.

A natural evolution within the dive industry, the Amphibian Fin System by Flip Fins is designed to be strapped on prior to entering the water and removed after exiting. These Swimming Flippers have the heavy-duty springs that push the soft blade webbing up to ride gently against the shin while on the surface. This makes walking, climbing boat ladders and other movements as easy as wearing no scuba dive fins at all. Once in the water, the blades of the Flipfin Amphibian Flip Fins are flipped down into swimming position by simply kicking naturally in the water, and flipped back up by pushing back on the release levers before getting out. This efficient blade design, combined with the revolutionary and durable Aqua-Hinge locking mechanism, makes the Flip Fins Scuba Diving Flippers an essential piece of diving equipment for scuba divers at all levels.

Flipfin Amphibian Dynamic Scuba Fins available in Large and X-Large size. Optional Flipfins Medium Inserts for Large Fins DF-148910L can be purchased here.

  • Models of Amphibian Flip Fins:
  • DF-148701L - Tactical Fins Amphibian Flip Fins, Large Black
  • DF-148702L - Tactical Fins Amphibian FlipFins, Large Blue
  • DF-148703L - Tactical Fins Amphibian FlipFins, Large Yellow
  • DF-148708L - Tactical Fins Amphibian FlipFins, Large Red/Black
  • DF-148901X - Tactical Fins Amphibian FlipFins, X-Large Black
  • DF-148902X - Tactical Fins Amphibian Flip Fins, X-Large Yellow
  • DF-148903X - Tactical Fins Amphibian Fins, X-Large Blue
  • DF-148908L - Tactical Fins Amphibian FlipFins , X-Large Red/Black

Specifications for FlipFin Amphibian Swimming Flippers:

Large Fins: Men - 9-11; Women - 10+
X-Large Fins: Men - 11+
Medium Inserts for Large Fins: OPTIONAL; Sold Separately Men - 5-9; Women - 6-10+
Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange

Features of Tactical Fins Amphibian Dynamic Scuba Fins:

  • The heavy duty Aqua-Hinge Mechanism features Type 316 military grade anti-corrosive stainless steel springs, a multi-functional lock housing built to prevent blade separation during kicking activity, hands-free locking operation, and an easy actuating release lever.
  • Central Web configuration designed from Soft, durable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the innovative web is designed to increase propulsion and reduce the load required for sustained kicking.
  • TPE rubber fins to create a "Power Channel" which reduces water run-off and increases resistance during power stroke.
  • Soft TPE foot pocket, designed for fit and comfort.
  • Quick release post designed to ensure proper locking and removal of buckles.
  • Raised tread design with high slip resistance for walking on slick surfaces and curvature for natural walking mechanics
  • Tapered rib design using a combination of materials increases elasticity while providing overall fin stiffness for increased power and kicking efficiency.
  • Strong, yet elastic polypropylene frame material providing overall fin strength.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Package Contents:

  • Tactical Fins Amphibian Flip Fins Dynamic Scuba Fins

Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Folding Swim Fins Unorderable Models

Flipfins Amphibian Flip fins, X-Large, Red/Black DF-148908X, MPN: DF-148908X, UPC: 879585000411, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148908X
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Large Black 148701L, MPN: DF-148701L, UPC: 879585000008, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148701L
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins, Large Red/Black DF-148708L, MPN: DF-148708L, UPC: 879585000343, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148708L
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Large Yellow 148703L, MPN: DF-148703L, UPC: 879585000039, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148703L
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - X-Large Yellow 148902X, MPN: DF-148902X, UPC: 879585000114, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148902X
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Large Blue 148702L, MPN: DF-148702L, UPC: 879585000022, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148702L
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - X-Large Blue 148903X, MPN: DF-148903X, UPC: 879585000107, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148903X
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - X-Large Black 148901X, MPN: DF-148901X, UPC: 879585000053, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148901X
Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Large Orange 148704L, MPN: DF-148704L, UPC: 879585000015, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148704L
Omega Aquatics Amphibian Flip Fins - X-Large Orange 148904X, MPN: DF-148904X, Code: OM-SB-Amphibian-DF-148904X

Flipfins Amphibian Flip Fins - Folding Swim Fins Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Omega Flip Fins by Legacy Reviewer, June 12, 2010
I used the fins for the first time last week and they worked well. The only issue is the size was larger than what I expected. Pros: Works as Stated Cons: Size is larger than normal
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