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MagLite 3 Cell D Water Resistant Aluminum Flashlight, Silver - Blister Pack
$16.23 $34.69 Save 53%
Finish: Silver
Code: MG-FL-S3D-S3D106
MPN: S3D106
UPC: 038739017785
MagLite 3 Cell D Water Resistant Aluminum Flashlight, Red - Blister Pack
$19.89 $34.69 Save 43%
Finish: Red
Code: MG-FL-S3D-S3D036
MPN: S3D036
UPC: 038739012179
MagLite 3 Cell D Water Resistant Aluminum Flashlight, Grey Pewter - Blister Pack
$19.89 $34.69 Save 43%
Finish: Grey Pewter
Code: MG-FL-S3D-S3D096
MPN: S3D096
UPC: 038739029658
MagLite 3 Cell D Water Resistant Aluminum Flashlight, Universal Camo - Blister Pack S3D
$23.89 $37.71 Save 37%
Finish: Universal Camo
Code: MG-FL-S3D-S3DMR6
UPC: 038739020600
MagLite 3 Cell D Water Resistant Aluminum Flashlight, Black - Blister Pack
$28.89 $34.69 Save 17%
Finish: Black
Additional Features: Water-resistant
Bulb Type: White Star Lamp
Power: 22000 Candlepower
Code: MG-FL-S3D-S3D016
MPN: S3D016
UPC: 38739011868
MagLite 3 Cell D Water Resistant Aluminum Flashlight, Blue - Blister Pack S3D-S3D116
$28.89 $34.69 Save 17%
Finish: Blue
Code: MG-FL-S3D-S3D116
MPN: S3D116
UPC: 038739018300
MagLite 3 Cell D Water Resistant Aluminum Flashlight, Camo - Blister Pack S3D026
Finish: Camo
Code: MG-FL-S3D-S3D026
MPN: S3D026
UPC: 038739026336

MagLite Standard MagLite 3-D Cell Flashlight S3D Product Info

Mag instrument S3D Standard 3-D Maglite Flashlights - now available from OpticsPlanet online store. OpticsPlanet is an Authorized Internet Dealer for Mag instrument Flashlights

A Maglite 3D Light S3D is designed tough enough to last a lifetime. Maglite's cam driven beam changes from spot to flood with a turn of the head for the perfectly focused beam. A set of O rings at each opening ensure a Maglite is resistant to water and steadfast in its ability to withstand shock. The light has an anodized finish inside and offers optimum corrosion resistance and prevents battery damage, and a knurled handle for a better grip. Every reflector is computer designed to work with a specific lamp and power supply to achieve maximum brilliance and efficiency. A quality WhiteStar krypton lamp delivers exceptional performance. The light comes with an extra bulb in the tail cap. This is why more police, security, emergency, medical and fire professionals have come to rely on C and D-cell flashlights. A serious profession requires serious equipment.

S3D106: MagLite 3 D Cell Silver Flashlight - Blister Package
S3D036: MagLite 3 D Cell Red Flashlight - Blister Package
S3D096: MagLite 3-D Cell Gray Pewter Flashlight - Blister Package
S3DMR6: MagLite 3-D Cell Universal Camo Pattern Flashlight - Blister Pack
S3D016: MagLite 3D Cell Flashlight Black - Blister Package
S3D026: MagLite 3 D Cell Camouflage Flashlight - Blister Package

Specifications for Maglite 3D Cell Flashlights:

Candle Power:   Up to 22,000
Bulb Type:   White Star Lamp
Diameter:   2 1/4"
Length:   12 11/32"
Weight:   30.02 oz
Battery:   3 D Alkaline
Waterproof:   Water resistant
Color:   Black, Camo, Red, Gray Pewter, Silver, Blue
Material:   Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Features of Mag-Lite 3 D-Cell Flash-Lights:

  • High-intensity adjustable light beam (Spot to Flood)
  • Recessed, pushbutton, self-cleaning, 3-position switch
  • Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design
  • Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap
  • The distinctive shapes, styles and overall appearances of all Mag flashlights, and the circumferential inscriptions extending around the heads of all Mag flashlights are trademarks of Mag Instrument, Inc. The circumferential inscription on the head of every flashlight signifies that it is an original Mag flashlight and part of the Mag family of flashlights. U.S. Trademark Registrations for the shape, style and overall appearance trademarks of Mag flashlights and for circumferential inscription trademarks of Mag flashlights include Nos. 1,808,998; 2,074,795; 2,687,693; 2,745,460; 2,765,978 and 2,765,979.

Package Contents:

  • Mag Lite 3 D-Cell Black Flashlight - Blister Pack S3D

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MagLite Pack - 3 Cell D Mag-Lite Black Flashlight & Mini MagLite AA Black Flashlight, MPN: GX01016, UPC: 038739012100, Code: MG-FL-S3D-GX01016

MagLite Standard MagLite 3-D Cell Flashlight S3D Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Maglite flashlight by Legacy Reviewer, March 21, 2010
these are the finest flashlights made bar none Pros: best made ligyht
1/1 found this helpful
Most Recent Review GX01016 3 CELL MAG-LITE BLACK by Legacy Reviewer, January 8, 2012
the best you can get, been using them for about 35 yrs.deep in the woods. 100 miles offshore in the gulf of mexico, always dependable. is a gift for my son.wouldn't give him a piece of junk! Pros: ALL GOOD Cons: NONE
Most Recent Review Rugged, Dependable, & Inexpensive by Legacy Reviewer, March 30, 2008
This Mag flashlight (S3D016) has been my go-to flashlight for over 4 years of camping, hunting, and general nighttime chores. I've certainly not babied it and still have never had any trouble. Overall, I appreciate the solid metal construction...
1/2 found this helpful
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