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Thermal Eye, from L-3 Communications, is a top of the line thermal imaging manufacturer. We are proud to have them in our stores because they bring unbelievable quality and superior performance for those seeking a low light imaging system. Thermal Eye Cameras are lightweight, compact and consume less power than most other thermal imaging devices. But just because they keep the size down doesn't mean that Thermal Eye skimps on the quality. Their thermal imagers produce clear pictures, making them perfect for a wide variety of applications, from hog hunting in Texas to battlefields on the other side of the globe. If you have any questions, please contact us and one of our product specialists will lend you their years of experience, and be sure to check out our Thermal Eye Product Reviews, which have a lot of great information from smart customers just like you!

More About Thermal Eye

As every object, whether it is manmade or natural, emits at least some degree of infrared radiation, a camera that is specifically tuned to that wavelength will be able to pick up the heat signature. These infrared cameras produce images that are not obscured by smoke, fog or dust in the air, so they're ideal for combat situations where visibility can change in an instant. Hidden assailants will be clearly uncovered, so you'll be more effective and safer when in dangerous situations. Thermal Eye takes all of these benefits and sweetens the deal by making tough optics that are affordable enough for most of you to enjoy!