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Warne has a long history of manufacturing quality scope accessories for real shooters. After WWII, John Warne started manufacturing rifle barrels to enable returning soldiers to convert their standard issue rifles for sport shooting and hunting. After nearly a decade of exceptional success Warne expanded into other areas, including manufacturing guns and other gun-like equipment that were not actual firearms, but the core of the business was still on manufacturing the parts real shooters need to succeed. A natural evolution took place as it became clear that Warne was the perfect company to develop Rifle Scope Mounting Systems, and to this day these parts are precisely machined to give a solid grip on your scope every time. Whether you need a new mount, torque tool or other rifle scope accessory, if you see the Warne name attached to the product, you can count on the quality. As their slogan says, "Set Your Sights on Warne." If you do, you won't miss.


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