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OpticsPlanet Santa Stakeout Kit Product Info

Imagine you are having a quiet evening with your family on Christmas Eve. You reflect on the hard work you've done the previous week so you can spend the rest of day with your family. You found a 7 1/2 foot tall Douglas fir tree with soft shiny green needles. You get your trusty axe from your pickup truck and cut down the tree. You tie it securely onto your truck and take it home. You clean up the tree, stand it up with a tree skit, and decorate it with your family. You spend hours hanging lights, mementos, and ornaments. You decorate the outside of your home with garland, lights, and props. It's finally Christmas Eve and as you're joyously celebrating this time with your family, your grandma decides to go out.

You hear a loud bang with a "Ho Ho Ho" and you see a heavy set bearded man in red sitting on a carriage with nine reindeers. Your grandma got run over by a reindeer. After a quick glance, he's gone. You tell everyone you know but no one believes you. How can you catch the man that goes by many names or should I say aliases? Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas, and Father Christmas just to name a few.

To catch Santa in the 21st century, you need to be prepared, very prepared. He's a very cunning man who can travel at 3,000 times the speed of sound, make his minions, I mean elves create millions of gifts, and he knows if you've been naughty or nice. At OpticsPlanet, we put together the only state of the art Santa catching kit. For a mere $6,499.00, you too can own this kit and catch Santa Claus this Christmas. After you got your way with Santa, there are still many other uses for this kit.

Other uses include:

  • Tooth Fairy
  • Boogeyman
  • Aliens
  • Creepers
  • Monsters in your closet
  • Annoying sisters
  • Unscrupulous babysitters
  • Dogs pooping in your yard
  • Strange activities of your cat
  • Hundreds more!

To Catch Santa Claus Outdoors

The Santa Stakeout Kit has everything you need to catch the mysterious man in red. Whether you decide to stake out indoors or outdoors, this kit will include items for either situation. With an outdoor setup, the first thing you need to do is find the perfect plot of land to stake out. It could be behind a snow bank, behind your shed, or inside an ice igloo you made. You need to be concealed with your surroundings and we included this OPMOD Ghillie suit. Santa doesn't like peeping eyes to view any of his present deliveries. Creepy, isn't he? So being completely concealed with your environment will make Santa feel safe when he's making his rounds. We also included other ways you can be concealed in your backyard including a one shot blind with a winter cover. With the one shot blind, you can set up in mere seconds. We have even tested this out at OpticsPlanet. With the winter cover and the snowy environment, you will be completely camouflaged with your surroundings. Remember that you will be staking out for over 12 hours and you need to be stay comfortable.

Feeling dehydrated or hungry? Need some snacks to keep yourself at peak Santa catching condition? We included a Neverlost Food Thermos which can keep your food hot or cold for hours. This is more than enough to add hearty calories to your body while staying comfortable.

Need to stay caffeinated and give you body extra stimulants to increase your readiness? We also included a Neverlost Camping Thermos that will keep your coffee warm for hours. What else could be worse than not having warm coffee on a cold day? To further keep yourself warm on an extra cold day; we also included a parka, winter gloves, under armour socks, and hand warmers. You don't want Santa Claus to see you shivering. Any subtle movement or sound can easily give your position away. He has centuries of experience creeping into people's homes unnoticed. Who knows what else he has done that hasn't been documented. Even though he's a very old man, his hearing has evolved to hear audible sounds from hundreds of yards away.

Better Hearing than a Bat?

Once you're out of sight, you need to increase your other senses to Spiderman levels. We have included this Pro Hear IV BTE Digital Hearing Device which will amplify any "Ho Ho Ho" sounds coming from a distance. The Pro Hear IV is a top of the line hearing enhancer that can make any senior citizens wish list. It produces a smooth CD quality sound and you can program it to remember different sound environments. It will give you such an advantage that we even thought about excluding it from this kit. Whether your hunting for Santa inside our outside the house, you can create unique settings for your hearing device very quickly.

Track Him from a Distance

The first glimpse of him will be just a tiny silhouette in the sky. We have included the Redfield Rebel 8x42mm Binoculars 114650 so that you can see him in any condition. You don't want a snowy day to ruin your equipment do you? The Redfield binocular has been made for both power and performance. With a textured gripping surface, you can quickly grab it from your tactical vest and sight him from a distance. The BlackHawk Omega Elite Tactical Vest lets you easily haul in all of your extra gear. It has 2 horizontal accessory pouches that can carry your range finder and flashlight. The Blackhawk vest also has 6 magazine pouches with adjustable flaps.

Not much is known why Santa Claus has remained unseen for all these centuries. What is known about this mysterious man is that he lives at the North Pole, has magical elves, and nine flying reindeer. What if he can actually turn invisible to the naked eye? For that reason, we have included the FLIR Scout PS-24 Thermal Camera into this Santa Stakeout Kit. You can scan your backyard with this compact and lightweight device without having any arm fatigue. This gadget weighs less than a pound even with batteries. With this thermal imager, you can find his heat signature even in the dark. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. After you find Santa, you can use this device to find cold spots all around your house. Save money by finding leaky windows and cracks around any openings.

Draw in The Nine Reindeers

It can get tiring for the reindeers to pull big ole Santa and his carriage of gifts. They also need some R & R every now and then. Pulling Santa puts stress on the body and the mind. It is critical to keep concealed but you need a way to draw in Santa and his reindeers over to your location. For exactly this situation, we included the Cass Creek Harmon Mule Deer Female in Heat Scent. Reindeers get lonely too. No reindeer(bulls) can resist the scent of a female in heat. Even though this scent is cross species, it worked in our testing and attracted bulls from all over.

Once the excited reindeers have dragged Santa to your backyard, you're very close to victory. Remember to keep yourself concealed and let your gear do all the evidence capturing first. No need to gloat at this point. Remember we're dealing with a legendary and mythical type figure here. Any mistake you make will cost you dearly! We have also included the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 8MP Trail Camera and a Brinno TimeLapse Motion Sensor Digital Camera Bundle. With these two cameras, you can capture evidence of Santa Claus and show everyone that you don't belong in an institution with padded walls and ceilings. Once you have captured all of the evidence of Santa's existence, you can finally go ahead and capture him.

To Catch Santa Claus Indoors

Choose an area in your living room where you can conceal yourself. A good strategy would be the 5 second test playing hide and seek with a toddler. Grab a toddler (preferably one you know) and start hiding. Grabbing the wrong toddler can get you in trouble with the law. If a toddler can't find you within 5 seconds, it's a great hiding spot. A good area would be behind the couch, in a corner of the room or even being camouflaged. Even though you are hidden, remember to give off the appearance that you're sleeping.

As the song goes:

  • He sees you when you're sleeping
  • He knows when you're awake
  • He knows if you've been bad or good
  • So be good for goodness sake
Tactical Stocking

Santa Claus has centuries of experience creeping into people's homes. His senses has been acknowledged to be even better than Spiderman's (The last movie was just that good!). To keep yourself comfy while you're waiting for the bearded man, we included a soft hammock pillow, blanket, and a sleeping bag with this kit. Santa would normally expect you to be sleeping on the couch and you don't want that. He has been visiting millions of homes and any unfamiliarly that occurs will help you in this situation. Chances are there are millions of kids trying to catch Santa as well. He is able to see through many situations. Be smarter than a 5th grader.

Indoor Surveillance

Even if you keep yourself alert, you still can't catch every action that may occur that night. He can appear, unload his gifts, and disappear in the blink of an eye. For further surveillance, we have included an indoor security camera. The Morovision SunStar 300 w/ RS-170 Video Output has built in motion control, captures images, video, and has bi-directional audio capabilities.

To help you see moving objects in a dark environment, we have included a Surefire P2X Fury Flashlight. The P2X Fury Flashlight has a compact design and it has an overwhelming power of 500 lumens of light. If you need to be completely concealed and want to see in the dark, we included the OPMOD Mini Aura Digital Night Vision Pocket Monocular. It's a compact night vision monocular that weighs less than 4 ounces and it fits in your pocket. It operates with just 3 AAA batteries and you can see up to 82 feet in total darkness. You can also find out all the sneaky night time activities of your cat.

Catching Ole Saint Nick

Remember to leave a plate of triple chocolate chip cookies with big macaroons and a glass of milk. Macaroons are one of his favorite's nuts. Once Santa has been sighted, it's the perfect opportunity to leave him confused and dazed. For this situation, we have added tactical balls to our kit. The Brite Strike Technologies Tactical Balls makes a great distraction for criminals, cats, and for Santa Claus. Tactical balls are useful tools to disorient and distract in the dark. The brite strike tactical balls have uneven weight distribution; it's lightweight, wobbles and spins in an un-recognized pattern.

Remember to wait until he starts gorging down on his triple chocolate chip cookies with big macaroons before you take any action. These rolling tactical light balls will disorient Santa leaving him dazed. Does he go for the cookies or make his escape up the chimney? With your Canon Powershot Sx50 HS Compact Digital Camera 6352B001, you can photograph him in all 18 megapixels. This powerful camera can take 5 high quality shots per second and you will have photographic evidence of his existence.

The Santa Stakeout Kit also includes knives, survival gear, camping gear, trail cameras, spotting scopes and much more. We have looked through our selection of 250,000 products to find an affordable way to catch Santa. $6,499.00 is just a drop in the bucket considering the millions of gifts carried on Santa's sleigh.

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