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Real Avid Zombie Headhunter Knife with Handgard, Black / Green AVZK-T14HG
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UPC: 813119011320

Real Avid Zombie Headhunter Knife w/ sawblade Product Info

Take the battle to the enemy with the Real Avid Zombie Headhunter Knife. This wicked-looking blade is the ultimate survival tool when the struggle for civilization comes down imageto hand-to-hand. The Real Avid Zombie Head Hunter Knife comes equipped with every zombie-dominating feature that Real Avid's expert craftsmen could think of. The blade features an integral sawblade, to reduce the number of tools you'll need in your survival gear kit, and a heavy-duty 8-inch blade with a Tanto blade tip design for hours of extra self-defense capability. Don't play nice when it's time to stand against the ambulatory corpses that threaten to overrun your world - take them on toe-to-toe with the Real Avid Zombie Headhunter Saw/Knife!

Real Avid AVZK-T14HG: Zombie Headhunter Knife with Handgard, Black / Green

Specifications for Real Avid Zombie Headhunter Zombie Machete:

Blade: 420 stainless steel
Blade thickness: 3.5mm
Blade length: 8.5"

Features of Real Avid Headhunter Zombie Knife:

  • CraniumCrusher Butt Cap - This unique feature stuns zombies, so they hold still while you're planning your next move.
  • BloodGroove - TPR Grip When you get some blade time, our ThermoPlastic rubber grip provides a secure hold.
  • C2 Bone Saw - You can't carry along a bag of tools while you're adding to your collection, so we put a 4-inch, saw on the blade.
  • JawBuster Hand Guard - Too many zombies too close? Our steel hand guard gives you additional punching power, so you don't get bit.
  • Heavy-Duty Headsman Blade - It's 420 stainless, 3.5 mm thick, 8.5 inches long, and black to eliminate reflections that can give you away.
  • Cleaving Edge - A wide edge slices through even the gnarliest zombies.
  • Tanto Design Originally created to defend against zombies in the 8th century, our Tanto design strengthens the tip, so your knife holds up head after head.
  • Ballistic Nylon Sheath - A hook and loop closure holds blade securely until it's zombie time.

Package Contents:

  • Real Avid Zombie Headhunter Saw / Knife / Machete
  • Nylon sheath

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