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OpticsPlanet is proud to be a top online retailer of SureFire flashlights! Known for their incredible durability and brightness, the unbeatable SureFire flashlight has become a must-have tool for military and law enforcement professionals throughout the world. The body is made from an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that is anodized for extra toughness. The anodizing process adds a finish of aluminum oxide to the surface of the flashlight. As aluminum oxide is the second-hardest substance known to man, with only diamond being harder, you know that it's going to take an unbelievable amount of force to destroy these flashlights. This high tech process allows SureFire to make their flashlights smaller and lighter without sacrificing strength. In addition to their durability, SureFire illumination tools are also extremely bright. The precision engineering and manufacturing focus light so that none of the power is wasted. SureFire flashlights are made for professionals, but everyone can benefit from their outstanding quality and performance. And remember that most orders over $49 receive free shipping!

The light from a flashlight can be measured in a couple of ways. Most commonly the lumens and the candlepower of a particular flashlight will be listed. The lumens is a measure of the total amount of light produced, whereas the candlepower shows the peak intensity of the beam. For a more in depth look at these and other terms associated with flashlights check out our How to Choose a Flashlight Guide. Once you've read through the short document you'll be able to appreciate the outstanding performance of SureFire Flashlights. The quality of SureFire is so trusted that they have become the go-to illumination tool for the U.S. Special Forces, Navy SEALs and the FBI. If they can trust the quality of SureFire flashlights for potentially dangerous activities, then you should be more than covered for any activity, regardless of the circumstances.

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