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Vixen telescopes make your backyard astronomy a joy, and will enhance your astrophotography experience to let you create high-quality images - all at an affordable price. Vixen Astronomy Telescopes are available in both reflector and refractor models.

Vixen Reflector Telescopes feature compact and lightweight optical tubes, providing a sharp central images with no chromatic aberration; they provide greater aperture relative to cost. Vixen Refractor Telescopes gather light through the objective lens, and give you a consistently stable field of view. Vixen Refractors are great for viewing in distant locations; they are easy to store and set up.

Vixen makes several different families of telescopes:

  • The Vixen Catadioptrics telescope look and operate like a branded SCT but have a more refined optical system. Instead of a front corrector plate that suffers from dewing problems that can ruin a night's viewing, Vixen incorporates open tube designs that employee refractive correction elements in the drawtube or in front of the secondary.
  • Vixen APO ED-Series Refractors bring out the best in planetary viewing and makes quality astrophotography affordable.
  • Vixen Newtonian reflector sets the standard for deep sky astrophotography. The combination of wide field of view, large aperture and compact lightweight body generates the high quality images that rival much more expensive and heaver equipment.

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