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EOTech 550 Holographic Sight, AA Battery w/ BDC Reticle for .308 Caliber, Nightvision Compatible
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Code: ET-RD-550-552-XR308-EEA
MPN: 552.XR308
UPC: 672294523086
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EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sights 550 Series NV compatible Product Info

EOTech 552 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight is by far the most popular HWS model. This NV compatible, AA battery holographic sight is the sight of choice by military units like Stryker Brigade, 10th Mountain, and 3rd Infantry. Standardized by the DEA, ATF, and FBI SWAT, the EOTech M552 Holo Sight is battle proven to withstand the abuse that any harsh environment, high powered weapon platform, or military mission can dish out.

This EoTech Holographic Sight is fully compatible with all generation levels of night vision intensifier tubes. This EOTech holosight features a special night vision (NV) setting that allows the operator to immediately drop the brightness intensity of the holographic reticle to eliminate any "halo" effect while viewing through an image intensifier tube. The EO-Tech M552 Holosight can be positioned in tandem behind night vision intensifiers without any "bloom" of the target area. Unlike active IR laser pointer systems, the EOTech HWS is a passive system and emits no muzzle-side signature. While in the NV mode, the EoTech 550-Series HWS is not detectable by enemy night vision surveillance systems, providing operators with a stealthy means for effective nighttime weapon aiming. Thanks to EOTech, tactical operators can combine the proven technological advantage of night vision with a superior CQB sight to achieve greatly enhanced weapon aiming - in complete darkness.

The EO-Tech M-552 features a unique switch that allows the operator to instantly drop the holographic reticle's brightness to the NV mode of operation. The operator has the ability to toggle back and forth between the NV mode and the normal day/night operation within fractions of a second. The HoloSight M552 has 10 distinct night vision settings to provide maximum flexibility to the operator. Typically 3 to 4 brightness settings are not enough to support a host of constantly changing conditions including manufacturing variances in the sensitivities of the image intensifier tubes, varying ambient environments, and varying light gathering sensitivities of the human eye across users. The M550 still maintains the 20 normal brightness settings for normal day/night operations.

The typical configuration is with both the monocular night vision system and the EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight mounted in tandem on the weapon's receiver. Operators can also witness the holographic reticle with head/helmet mounted monocular night vision image intensifier systems, even on a partial cheekweld on the weapon's stock. This allows the operator added flexibility and greater versatility when deploying with night vision systems in the ever changing battlefield environments.

More about EOTech 550 Holosights

Wider field of view: At a distance of 100 yards and a 2° eye relief, the EOTech Red Dot Sights provide a 35 yard horizontal field of view and 22.5 yards vertically. This equates to an area of roughly 790 square yards. In addition, the field of view advantages of the EOTech HWS are even greater when night vision applications arise and the operator must acquire his target with only his dominant eye. Above are non-altered photographs of both the EOTech and Aimpoint viewed through a night vision device.

The HOLOgraphic Advantage: The holographic patterns have been designed to be instantly visible in any light, instinctive to center regardless of shooting angle, and to remain in view while sweeping the engagement zone. Reticles of EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sights are designed as large, see-through patterns to achieve lightning quick reticle to target acquisition without covering or obscuring the point of aim. If the window is obstructed by mud, snow, rain, etc., the Holographic Weapon Sight HWS remains fully operational, with point of aim/impact being maintained. Even in such extreme cases where the laminated window is shattered, the Holographic Weapon Sight is fully functional! As long as the operator can see through any portion of the window, the entire reticle pattern is visible on target...the operator can still engage with confidence.

Heads Up, Full View: The Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) employs a true Heads-Up Display that eliminates blind spots, constricted vision, or the tunnel vision associated with tubed sights. All user controls are flush to the Holographic Weapon Sight's streamline housing with no protruding knobs, battery compartments or mounting rings blocking vision at the target area. True, 2 eyes open shooting is realized with EOTech HWS. Instant threat identification is achieved by maximizing the operator's peripheral vision and ultimately gaining greater control of the engagement zone.

We actively supply EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights to the Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide, and the reviews and feedback from the field have been outstanding! All Eotech sight models sold here are the latest Eotech Rev. F Holographic Weapon Sights! Significant enhancements in the EOTech Holographic Sight electronic circuitry allow the brightness adjustment range to expand by a factor of 20x! Now, the impressive low light capabilities of the EOTECH HWS are combined with a reticle that is 2x brighter at the highest setting. Already recognized as the brightest sight in today's military market, the EOTech Holosight further eliminates any concern of reticle washout in desert or arctic conditions. EOTech's team of engineers has optimized the sight to dramatically improve the optical efficiency of the Eotech HWS. The result is 2x the battery life compared to previous versions. These changes to Eotech scopes are collectively known as Eotech Revision Level F.

550-552-XR308-EE: EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight - 550, AA Battery, BDC Reticle, .308 Caliber, Nightvision Compatible

Specifications for EOTech Holographic Sight 550:

Optics: Transmission holography - parallax free
Magnification: 1x
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Length/Width/Height: 5.4"x1.8"x2.25" (131x49x60 mm)
Weight: 10.9oz (309 grams)
Temperature: -40 to 150 F (using AA lithiums); -20 to 140 F (all other battery choices)
Waterproof: Submersible to 33 ft depth
Sealing: Fogproof internal optics
Color/Finish: Non reflective black with hard coat finish
Adjustment (per click): 0.5 MOA (1/2" at 100 yds)
Adjustment Range: +/- 40 MOA travel
Mount: 1" Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) or Weaver rail
Return to Zero: Repeatable to 1 MOA after re-mounting
Optical Surfaces: Anti-glare coating
Window Dimensions: 1.20" x 0.85" (30 x 23mm)
Front Window Material: 1/8" solid glass
Rear Window Material: Shatter resistant laminate (3/16" thick)
Field of View (100 yds): 30 yds (28m) at a 4" eye relief
Brightness Adjustment Range: 146,000
Night Vision Brightness Range: 1280
Power Source: 2x 1.5V AA batteries (supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable)
Battery Life: 1,000 continuous hours (lithium) at nominal setting 12; 600 continuous with AA alkaline
Brightness Settings: 30 settings with scrolling feature (10 settings for NV use)
Auto Battery Check Indicator: Flashing reticle upon start-up
Auto Shut-down: At 8 hrs- programmable to 4 hrs

Features of EOTech 550 Holographic Weapon Sights:

  • Runs on AA batteries (supports Lithium and Alkaline)
  • Night Vision compatible
  • Waterproof to 33'
  • Operable even if damaged, dirty, obscured
  • Rugged aluminum hood assembly
  • Knobbed, tool-less mounting bolt - interfaces to standard 1-inch Weaver dovetail/Picatinny rail

Package Contents:

  • EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight 550

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EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sights 550 Series NV compatible Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review 552.A65/1 Holographic Sight by Legacy Reviewer, February 13, 2012
If not the best all around design, then certainly one of the top few. They seem to have thought of almost everything. Just can't say enough. Extremely sweet sight. Pros: It was designed to fit all needs and basically does Cons: Can't find any yet
4/4 found this helpful
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Most Recent Review EoTech 552 A65 by uzijohn, January 30, 2015
I love my new EoTech 552 HWS sight. The AA batteries in the 552 are less expensive to buy vs the CR123's, and type N batteries that some of the other HWS use, in ex 556, 553 use CR123, and the 551 uses type N. The compatibility of the Laser Battery C...
Most Recent Review Best Optic Ever! by KennyD, December 14, 2014
I didn't know what to expect with a holographic optic, because I had never used one in the past, but this one left me speechless with it's super easy, and sudden target acquisition. It's truly unbelievable fast, and accurate every time. It's simple t...
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