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CAA AR15/M16 6 Piece Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip UPG16
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Code: XA-GU-UPG16
UPC: 814716010327

CAA AR15/M16 6 Piece Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip Product Info

Command Arms Accessories Interchangeable Pistol Grip for M16 / AR15 is a 6-piece grip that easily replaces the standard grip on your AR-15. This Command Arms Grip features multiple finger grove and palm swell inserts (3 each) that let you customize the grip to fit any hand size. The Command Arms Interchangeable M16 Pistol Grip gives you maximum comfort and control over the weapon.

The CAA M16 Pistol Grip is just part of the great selection of gun grips and other accessory gun gear on sale here! Check out our full selection of rifle pistol grips from Command Arms and other leading manufacturers.

Specifications for Command Arms UPG16 Pistol Grip:

Part #: UPG16
Fits: AR15/M16
Made Of: Polymer/Rubber
Weight (oz.): 3.7
Length (in.): 2.25"
Height (in.): 4.5"
Width (in.): 1.375"
Gun Model: AR15

Features of CAA Pistol Grip for AR15 and M16:

  • Provides increased control during firing and reduces fatigue.
  • Finger grooves, palm swell and contoured backstrap allow for an increased powerful grip.
  • Easily interchangeable front and rear rubberized grip inserts mount securely in place minimizing risk of slippage when wet.
  • Capped storage for small items or an optional cleaning kit.

Package Contents:

  • Command Arms IG47 Interchangeable M16 / AR15 Pistol Grip

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CAA AR15/M16 6 Piece Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review CAA AR15/M16 6 Piece Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip by Legacy Reviewer, March 4, 2012
The modality of the finger and palm grips creates an individual feel that is comfortable and sure. For me this is a family product because a quick change of the palm grip and my boys have a comfortable feel that they can appreciate as well. Pros: Gr...
3/3 found this helpful
Most Recent Review CAA AR15 Grip by Rspec, February 16, 2015
Excellent product. I like how I was able to choose the pieces to better fit my hand, I also like that the interchangeable pieces are rubberized. Once setup for me went to the range to test it out.. Was not disappointed I will order these again when I...
Most Recent Review improved pistol grip for your AR by Michael, February 14, 2015
I saw this grip in alot of facebook pictures of different AR 15s and it seemed very ergonomical with weldings for your fingers. Everything just grips naturally. I am 6'2'' and have moderate-large hands and my entire hand stays on the grip, if that he...
Most Recent Review CAA AR15/M16 6 Piece Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip by Steven P., October 13, 2014
One of the best grips for versatility and comfort, imo. I own 10 of these on various rifles and will continue to buy more as my collection grows. The only real complaint I've had on these is the storage door on the bottom, its very hard to open. I ne...
Most Recent Review My go-to for customization, ergonomics, and performance. by Bryan Montford, September 4, 2014
I pretty much use this grip exclusively for anything that isn't strictly for long range, or exceedingly heavy recoil. I've not found a hand it can't fit and even with more aggressive rounds or those with sensitivity in their hands almost always disco...
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